Last updated: September 14, 2018

8X Powder


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A new breakthrough powder has arrived and it’s changing the bond builder game. TRUSS Professional’s new 8X Powder makes it easier now to take your client’s color up a notch and still maintain perfect integrity, vibrancy and quality of her hair strands. And it’s simple to use! Mix one part 8X Powder directly into any hair color.


And if you’re wondering how 8X Powder got its name, it’s all in the features. 8X Powder:

1. Improves viscosity for easy application.
2. Increases stability during lightening processes.
3. Improves lifting and supports precise color results.
4. Decreases heating during foil highlighting.
5. Ultra protection during the bleaching process.
6. Extra hydration and increased conditioning.
7. Easy detangling.
8. Extra shine.


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8X Powder

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