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Last updated: July 16, 2021

6 Brazilian Balayage Tips From @romeufelipe

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Improve Your Balayage Technique With These 6 Tips!

We KNOW your clients have brought you photos of @romeufelipe’s work, and for good reason. His Brazilian balayage technique creates natural-looking, luxe blondes, like his clients have been lounging on the beach and just happen to look THAT GOOD. The Wella Professionals Global Ambassador taught two hair transformations for Wella’s WE Create on-demand show, and we’ve got his top tips for achieving the most effortless blonde!


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1. Create imperfect sections to mimic the natural hair fall.

When Romeu sections a client’s head, he pays attention to how her hair naturally falls. He keeps section lines just slightly imperfect, so the end result isn’t too uniform.


“The sections follow the natural flow,” Romeu said.


2. Use lots of product for the most even results.

The key to “after photos” like Romeu’s is in the product he uses and HOW he uses it. “Apply evenly, and a generous amount of product,” he said. “Not enough product and the color will be uneven. If I don’t apply evenly, I’ll get different shades of highlights on the same section.”


Even saturation is important for an even finish. Note how Romeu left the client’s pre-lightened ends out to avoid overprocessing them.


For this demo, Romeu used Wella Professionals Blondorplex with Welloxon Perfect 6%. The lightener includes a bond builder inside, offering up to 97% less breakage—crucial when you are performing lightening services!


Pro Tip: Apply lightener to a foil BEFORE placing the section on the foil. This keeps the foil from slipping and helps ensure saturation.


Paint lightener on the foil FIRST.


3. Spend time on the sections that matter most.

You don’t need to touch every single hair to achieve blonde goals. “I always focus more on highlights on the contour of the head,” Romeu said. This includes the coveted money piece. Save your efforts for what she will see in the mirror and maintain depth at the back of the head so the light pops even more.


4. Use “half moon” weaves for a lot of dimension.

Larger, more rounded weaves not only help achieve more organic blonding results—they also help incorporate built-in lowlights in every lightened section.


Check out the half moon weave Romeu uses!


5. Incorporate a soft backcomb for extra blending.

Romeu sometimes will lightly backcomb a slice section before applying lightener for a softer transition—but the key word is LIGHTLY. He does not aggressively tease the section and uses a light touch to get an easy blend.


A soft, SOFT tease is all you need!


6. Tone in a water drop shape.

Apply root toner about 2-3 centimeters down from the root—EXCEPT for the money piece. This area should be the brightest pop, so Romeu applies the toner here last, and only applies it about 1 centimeter down from the root. The result is a root shadow in a water drop shape, with the largest part of the drop around the crown and the smallest part at the front hairline.


Apply a shorter root shadow at the money piece to achieve the “water drop” shape.


Check out the finished look & tap the beaker below for the formulas!

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  • Formula A

    Wella Professionals Blondorplex + Welloxon Perfect 6%

  • Formula B

    Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect 7/18 + Koleston Perfect 7/71 + Welloxon Perfect 1.9%

  • Formula C

    Wella Professionals Illumine Color 9/03 + Illumine Color 9/7 + Welloxon Perfect 1.9%

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