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Last updated: January 04, 2023

An Inventor of Olaplex Launches New Bond-Building Innovation

founders of olaplex launch new bond building acid free innovation
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The New Acid-Free Bond Repair Treatment You Must Try

Eric Pressly, Ph. D., one of the scientists and inventors behind OLAPLEX, has launched epres™, the newest technology in bond repair treatments. BTC had to get the inside scoop, so keep reading to learn more about his new innovation—plus, a Q&A with Eric! 


Formulated with only four ingredients, epres™ is the only treatment on the market that uses Biodiffusion™ technology, enabling it to continue transforming the hair to be stronger and healthier long after it dries. The brand consists of two science-based treatments: One professional in-salon treatment and one consumer at-home treatment.


“epres™ is the future of haircare, specifically formulated for both professionals and consumers,” Eric said. “Whenever I am innovating, it is always essential that my products can be trusted for their professional-grade formulas and that they truly deliver on the promised benefits and results. That is why I wanted to re-enter the haircare space and continue to create products that are as accessible and easy to use as they are innovative,” he added.


Founder of epres™, Eric Pressly 

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Achieve Better Color Results & Boost Your Ticket In The Salon

In the salon, the Professional Bond Repair works as a single-step solution to actively re-bond the hair structure without lowering the pH of chemical services which can lead to increased processing times, reduced lift and inhibited color deposit. Designed for salon professionals, this formula will add lasting softness, strength and manageability to the hair. 


BTC asked Eric about the potential increase in revenue stylists could see by using epres™ behind the chair. He told us:


“It can be used as an add-on but we recommend increasing your price and including it in every chemical service. There are 82 uses in a $79 bottle,” Eric explained. Here’s a breakdown of how one service can help you maximize profit:


  • $10 client add-on service cost: Earn $820 with a $79 investment
  • $25 client add-on service cost: Earn $2,050 with a $79 investment


Check out the before & after below! 

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What Sets epres™ Apart

With all of the different options out there, BTC wanted to know what sets epres™ apart from other bond repair treatments. Eric explained:


“The key differentiating factor is our Biodiffusion™ technology which allows us to formulate using liquid active molecules,” he said. “[These allow] our home treatment to be used as either a pre-shower treatment or a leave-in depending on the hair type or lifestyle. For professionals, our add-in service can be added into services in just one step as it [is] ultra concentrated. [Being acid-free with no water] means no increased processing time, even if you add more than the recommended amount.”


How epres™ Is Focusing On Performance & Environmental Impact

For consumers at home, the Bond Repair Treatment Kit comes with an epres™ spray bottle and two water-free concentrate vials. After the initial purchase, consumers can shop the water-free concentrate vials separately for a refillable, planet-minded option.


Although epres™’s sustainability efforts start inside the bottle, they go far beyond that. “We are performance first always, but we think about environmental impact, too,” Eric told BTC.


“Our launch products are preservative-free, water-free and made from biodegradable ingredients. Our packaging [when possible] is PCR and recyclable. Our one-step, in-salon process means fewer bottles. For our home product, the water step is added at home, so we are not wasting resources shipping water across the globe,” Eric added.


epres™ formulas are also free of acid, preservatives, paraben, phthalate, sulfate and formaldehyde—plus, they’re vegan, cruelty-free and fair trade certified.


Here’s how you can use epres™ in the salon!


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