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Last updated: December 13, 2023

3 Ways To Add Bond-Building Into Color Processing

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Credit via @thesandstyle on TikTok

How To Incorporate Bond Repair Into Your Client’s Color Service

Bond repair has been this year’s industry buzzword. The undeniable benefits of cutting-edge chemistry in the hair sector has transformed clients AND stylists’ lives with just a switch-up of product. Keep scrolling to learn how to add bond-building benefits right into your client’s formula for fast, acid-free results all while color processes. 


#1. Avoid Altering Your Formula’s Consistency When Adding Product

Blonde clients are usually the #1 accomplice in wanting to find a healthy, realistic way to continue lightening their hair with minimal breakage. Since the consistency of lightener has to remain thick for proper lift, any opportunity for haircare within a blonding service is pretty obsolete. That is until epres™ formulated a bond-building repair treatment that WON’T alter the consistency of any hair color formula—including bleach!


“For every 1oz of lightener, just use 2 pumps of epres™ Professional Bond Repair,” says California-based colorist Reiley Collier (@reileydoeshair) on TikTok.

  • No change in processing time
  • Safe for curly hair and extensions
  • Acid-free, will not harm hair’s natural pH levels


Watch Reiley’s full process here:

Credit via @reileydoeshair on TikTok


To discover how you can add epres™ to your backbar, click here!


#2. Protect & Seal Long Color Correction Appointments

After hours of work and hundreds spent from your client, the worst thing you could do is send them out the door without any bond-building protection on their hair. 


Kennedy Sands (@thesandstyle) on TikTok shares her viral cowgirl copper transformation that she created using two rounds of epres™ bond-building products.


Here’s what Kennedy did:

  • To seal, protect and strengthen hair while it’s being lifted, Kennedy mixed epres™ Professional Bond Repair into her lightener.
  • For a post-color bond-building boost and smoothing treatment, Kennedy finished off the new color with Bond Repair Treatment at the bowl. 


Click below to watch her whole process on TikTok:

Credit via @thesandstyle on TikTok


#3. Acid-Free Treatments For Chemically Compromised Hair

Those ride or die clients with all-over permanent black color have a slim selection of products that will actually benefit their hair. When the cuticle is filled with deep pigment, it can be challenging to rely on treatments that won’t have a chemical reaction with the small color molecules, causing unnecessary discoloration. 


Watch this transformation below from New York-based stylist Adam Ryan (@slaymequeen) on TikTok as he supplements his long-time color client’s formula with the epres™ Professional Bond Repair acid-free treatment that will not disrupt or discolor previous and new hair color. 


Tap below for Adam’s full demo on TikTok:

Credit via @slaymequeen on TikTok


Ready to incorporate epres into your client’s color formula? Click here. 



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