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Last updated: February 07, 2019

4 Easy Mistakes That Can Ruin A Bob Cut

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A bob haircut can be hard to get right, but sometimes, it’s not the technique that throws off the end result, it’s the little mistakes—like your posture or your client’s—that can ruin the cut. Here are four common mistakes stylists make when cutting bobs and how to avoid them. 



  • The client’s body position can ruin a bob. Stephen Moody suggests making sure your guest is sitting straight up in the chair, legs uncrossed and head tilted slightly forward.


  • The shoulders should not collapse. When cutting the nape area, the client’s body should be straight with only her head tipped forward.


  • Bring the head up gradually as you work bottom to top. With each subsequent section, the head should be a little more vertical until it’s almost straight up when you reach the top.


  • Keep an eye on her posture, because a texting client can mean a bob that’s shorter in the front than you intended, says Farouk Systems Rocky Vitelli.


Watch this bob transformation video from Rocky Vitelli to see what we mean!