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Last updated: December 18, 2017

Razor-Cut Bob How-To

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What happens when CHI global artist and #ONESHOT nominee Rocky Vitelli creates a razor-cut bob on BTC’s Facebook Live?! It reaches more than 750,000 people (and the number is still growing!). Rocky and BTC were in Cancun for the Light It Up Farouk Systems Global Conference when we went live to go over this major transformation…and you all loved it! Here are a few tips from Rocky on cutting bobs and the transformational how-to!





The Sections

  • The Top: Create a top triangle section from the corner of the eye to the corner of the other eye. This is the design line and will get cut last. It doesn’t need to blend with anything as it will fall and drape over the face at the end of the cut.
  • The Sides: These sections should be from the highest point of the head to behind the top of the ear. Why? Because it makes it easier to create that angle from short to long. If the section goes to the top of the ear, there won’t be enough room to angle the hair dramatically.


A close-up look at Rocky’s sectioning.


See all the pics from Farouk’s Light It Up Conference in Cancun!


The Angles

  • Whether right-handed or left-handed, there is going to be a difficult side when cutting a bob. When working on the difficult side, keep your elbow up while cutting your graduation down. If you drop your elbow, you’ll drop the line you’re supposed to be creating.


“It might feel a little weird, but don’t think about where your elbow is. Always focus on the line/angle you are working to create,” says Rocky.


The Part Line

  • Don’t worry about the part line until reaching the top section. Then ask your client where she parts her hair. Drop that section, see how the hair falls, part it from there and work with that.
The best part about creating a total transformation? Seeing your client’s reaction!

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