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Last updated: September 25, 2017

3 Promotions to Warm Up February and March

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“When it’s a little slow in February and March – this is a time when you can focus on education and services. Dig deep with your salon team and put an emphasis on makeovers. Offer free makeup touch ups, events where the client can try out some of the products or a contest. But get the team involved with an internal competition like who can do the most makeup touch ups. Have a really great prize. Buy books and magazines about the latest makeup trends to help motivate and educate the staff.  Use the contest as a catalyst to galvanize the staff,” states Eric Fisher for Aquage, Owner of Eric Fisher Salons, Eric Fisher Academy and Prosper U Business Training Program.


Eric provides 3 examples of promotions below to spark up client and staff involvement in beauty treatments during the winter months. Getting clients and employees involved in these promotions will lead to additional services and retail sales, plus make for some fun and exciting client moments in the salon.





Offering free makeovers is an excellent way to promote your salon, get your staff involved and make your clients feel beautiful. At the Eric Fisher Salons, we host an event called “The Ugly Hair Makeovers.” The event is promoted on our social media sites and is a huge hit with our fans. To win a makeover, a person must upload a picture of their “ugly hair” by a specific date. Then we ask the public to vote for the person who they think should win the makeover. The contestants can promote the contest on their social media pages to get more votes. At the end of the voting period, the person with the most votes wins a makeover. At EFS, we usually end up giving five makeovers instead of just one!


We invite the winners into the salon when it is closed for a special Ugly Hair Makeover Bash. The winners receive a free haircut, color service and makeup application. We also have a photographer to take before and after pictures. We use the pictures to promote the event on our social media sites and our blog. Our stylists love the event and the winners leave with huge smiles on their faces. The Ugly Hair Makeovers are a win – win for everyone involved.


Client Appreciation Days


Client Appreciation Days are a great way to say thank you to your clients by giving them a discount on their favorite products and tools. At the Eric Fisher Salons, we have Client Appreciation Day events. We offer 20% off all of our haircare, skincare and makeup products and 25% off all styling tools. We use fun signage throughout the salon to promote it, invite product reps to do free services, and provide snacks and beverages for our guests. The goal is to make Client Appreciation Days feel like a fun party! Our guests and stylists love the event.



Free Makeup Touch-Up


At the Eric Fisher Salons, our goal is to turn our guests into raving, loyal, lifetime fans so we strive to WOW our clients at each visit by adding value. We give the guest more than they pay for. One way we do this is by offering a free makeup touch up at the end of the service. We spend just enough time to give the guest a few makeup tips like blending her eyeliner and adding a touch of color to her lips and cheeks. Clients love it and it helps stylists fill their books. When you improve your client’s appearance, you’ll win a loyal fan for life. It’s all the little extras that get the job done and bring the client back.


“Remember it’s not about the number of clients – it’s about the number of services per client. Use the extra time you have now to add on a brow wax, a color service or a conditioning treatment,” concludes Eric.


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