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Last updated: December 03, 2019

6 Steps To Increase Pre-Booking

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“Pre-booking is the #1 practice you can do to achieve a big, productive, loyal business,” states Eric Fisher, owner of award winning, Eric Fisher Salons & Academy in Wichita, Kan. Eric encourages stylists and owners to practice these 6 tips that his staff uses every day to grow and increase revenue.


Starting today – and every day from this point forward, pre-book your clients’ next appointments.


1. Know the dates for 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12 weeks from today. Write them down at the beginning of each week, then place them somewhere you can readily see them after finishing clients.


2. List the recommended return dates for each service type. Example: Haircuts in 5 to 6 weeks. Hair color in 5 to 10 weeks, depending on the type of color service and their typical rate of new growth. Teach them the best ways to maintain their look between services like offering tips on your website. This lets them know you care about the style and how they look between visits. This builds trust that encourages them to return when you make recommendations.


3. Do this as a service for clients. By having information for quick reference and making it easy, you’ll increase the opportunities to pre-book.



4. Use a script for consistency. With each client, address them by name and offer choices for the pre-booking by saying, “(Name), I would like to see you again in 5 weeks. Five weeks from today is (day/date).  Would you prefer a morning or afternoon?”


5. Give them a reminder card and reminder call. Make the reminder call 1-2 days before the appointment, depending on the appointment day of week.


6. Make pre-booking a habit. You’ll need fewer clients. You’ll have fewer openings. You’ll have more production with a higher ticket average, and you will make more money.



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