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Last updated: September 15, 2017

5 Core Values for Salon Success

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“50 percent of the reason clients come to you has nothing to do with a comb, brush or color bowl – it’s because they like you—so build relationships!” states Eric Fisher, owner of award-winning Eric Fisher Salons & Academy in Wichita, KS. In his best-selling business and training guide, “Source Book,” Eric makes it crystal clear that your key to success is driven by the culture you create with your core values.

In “Source Book,” Eric shares the basic core values that guide his salon and school culture. Let’s spotlight 5 of them!


1. Positivity
There is no excuse for a lack of manners and common sense. Always be positive and polite. Don’t focus on who you have been, but rather look at who you are as both a person and a salon professional. In person, this is easy with the right attitude. What about online? You can project positivity on your website and social media pages by focusing on what customers want and need.


2. Profitability
You have to spend money to make money, but you also have to save money to stay afloat! Use tactics to save money when you can—without being stingy of course. Consider not overusing back bar products, over-mixing colors, or using too much of any styling product. Cover these topics in monthly staff meetings to reinforce this mindfulness and keep team members on track.


 3. Authenticity
We are in the beauty business—it helps to look like it! This means keeping your attire polished and professional. It’s important to stay on trend in our industry so wear modern cuts and colors—not sacrificing your personal tastes, however.


4. Legendary Service
Go beyond your original notions of “good” customer service – always! Go beyond the “call of beauty” and do whatever it takes to make your client leave your salon already excited for their next visit. Come in early or stay late, if it’s necessary, and create special events for holidays or seasons that teach, train and expose clients to new services and products.


5. Add value
Add value with your services: hours, pricing, website, locations, free bang and neck trims, blow dry lessons and more. What can you do? Ask your stylists and clients what they would appreciate most as added value services or conveniences. You can add value by saving clients’ time and offering online booking as well.


The most important lesson you will walk away with from “Source Book” is the idea that you must be relationship driven. “Care, pay attention, focus, be nice, listen, make eye contact and be interested in the guest. People want to spend time with people who make them feel good about themselves,” writes Eric.  To learn more about the Eric Fisher Salon core values, customer service systems, retailing strategies, and ways to build a positive salon culture, turn to “Source Book”.



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