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Last updated: July 22, 2017

6 Ways Events Can Boost Your Business

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“Your imagination is your only limitation,” suggests Eric Fisher, owner of award winning, Eric Fisher Salons & Academy in Wichita, KS. In his best-selling business tool, 52 Weeks to Greatness, Eric offers weekly tips on how to grow your business and maintain a happy, productive salon culture. He recommends planning client events that are informative, creative and fun. It’s important to get your entire team together to discuss the type of events their clients would be likely to attend and appreciate. Below are 6 client events that will help give a kick start to your service business, but get as creative as you like to come up with ideas that suit your clientele.


• New color clients. Have a selection of pre-done models to showcase the broad range of color services you offer. You can use models, family, friends or staff members who reflect the high end, professional quality color service you can provide. Be sure to offer discounts or special offers on color maintenance products.


• Celebrate the season client appreciation. Offer special discounts on products or styling tools that make great gift ideas. Include a drawing for a gift basket and offer refreshments. Offer make-up touch ups and styling tips. Invite your salon product representatives to attend and speak with clients, as well.



• Teenage make-up lessons. Invite teen clients to bring a friend and moms of teen clients to watch make-up demonstrations. Offer make-up touch ups and special offers on future make-up services or retail products.


• All about going blonde. Again, have pre-done models that demonstrate the types of blonding services you offer that range from full coverage to highlights, Balayage, face framing and other simple add on service techniques.


• Goodbye to gray hair. There is a huge market for gray hair coverage, and many clients want to consider new ways to make gray go away. Be sure to showcase the variety of ways you can cover gray from blending with highlights or lowlights to full coverage. It’s important to discuss how often they’re willing to maintain the touch up services, to keep the coverage what they desire.


• Long hair care, conditioning and styling. You can have demonstrations and education on how to blow dry and style, plus the importance of proper care in shampooing and conditioning. Many clients with long hair don’t shampoo every day, so you can share not only tips on the products to use for cleansing and conditioning, but also dry hair shampoos and styling products that keep hair fresh between shampoos.


The possibilities are virtually endless. Market these and other ideas to your clients through posters in the salon and other local businesses, e-mail news announcements/invitations, on social media, mailings, handouts and word of mouth. You create buzz in the salon every time you hold a special event, and it gives stylists the chance to capture new clients. 52 Weeks to Greatness offers easy to implement and staff friendly ways to increase your business.


For more business building tips on retailing, front desk management, team building, motivating staff, how to manage complaints, and create a culture of quality and excellence, you’ll find these Eric Fisher books in the BTC Bookstore today!


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