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Last updated: September 13, 2018

BLONDOR Freelights

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All blondes are not created equal. From subtle golden hues to beachy, buttery bronde, the possibilities of creating gorgeous colors are endless. With hair-painting as the hottest approach to highlights, it’s easier than ever. Now, it’s about to get even easier, thanks to an innovation from one your favorite lighteners. Wella Professionals BLONDOR is a perennial Stylist Choice Awards winner for Favorite Lightener and the sequelBLONDOR FREELIGHTS—gives you more freedom than ever to place lightener exactly where you want it.


“Hair-painting results can range from very subtle, natural and youthful, or can be dialed up to become very creative and expressive. I love creating stone-washed blonde colors, for example, which FREELIGHTS does beautifully,” notes Wella Professionals Celebrity Colorist, Jennifer J.


The New FREELIGHTS range consists of FREELIGHTS Lightening Powder and FREELIGHTS Developer to be used as a system in order to activate the polymers in the mixture, allowing you to place color precisely where you want it.


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