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Last updated: August 20, 2019

Brunette Creme Balayage

By Issi Rivera-Lewis

balayage, hair color, brunette, straight hair
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In 2019 we’re forecasting warm hues to be the go-to color trend this year. Painted by Maryland-based colorist Issi Rivera-Lewis (@diaryofa_painter), this balayage does not disappoint! Issi used a zigzag technique to allow dimension, blend and a natural grow out. YES, YES and more YES! Scroll down for all the details on this blended balayage. 


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1. Working off of the client’s natural part, section the hair into two sections in the front and one section in the back.


2. Starting in the front sections, apply Formula A using a zigzag paint pattern. Each peak is either a highlight or a lowlight depending on the client. Pay close attention to saturation and heavily saturate in areas to achieve brighter highlights. 


3. Continue a zigzag technique throughout the sections until the last section in the back. 


4. Weave the last section to create the ultimate blend. Cover with balayage film and allow to process for 30-40 minutes. 


5. After the shampoo service, section off the hairline so that it may be toned last. Apply Formula B and process for 20 minutes. When there are seven minutes remaining, apply Formula B to the remaining hair at the  hairline. 


Click through the slideshow to see the whole process!