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Last updated: June 18, 2018

Watercolors Lightener

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Introducing Watercolors Lightener from Tressa, a new formula that can lift up to 8 levels when used with the brand’s 20 Volume Processor. A combination of persulfates and humectants allow for a stronger, yet safer lift (providing an additional one to two levels higher than other lighteners!).


Watercolors Lightener features a de-dusted powder for safer handling and mixing for both you and your clients. The formula is smooth and creamy, making it easy to mix and apply. When spreading Watercolors Lightener, you’ll see there is no swelling of the product, which helps the lightener stay in the foils when applied to your client’s hair.


Watercolors Lightener contains three natural humectants: aloe, Argan oil and keratin amino acids, which help the hair stay moist and hydrated during the lifting process.  Tressa’s unique lavender-colored powder oxidizes to white for an easy reading of the hair’s lift.


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Manufacturer: Tressa, @watercolorshair

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Watercolors Lightener

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