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March 24, 2009

Tressa and KIS Haircare Presents Organic Transitions


Tressa and KIS Haircare Presents Organic Transitions

Tressa & KIS Haircare presents a collaborative collection effort; Organic Transitions.

The vision behind the Organic Transitions Collection was to express the balance and harmony between the ideas of “Organic” and “Transitions.” 

Organic – The hair is not contrived or being forced into a restricted look. The hair is easily persuaded and moved into a style as if it were meant to take that desired form.

Transitions – The fluid morphing of that style from calm and smooth to textured and untamed is made quickly and efficiently due to the simple cutting techniques, complimentary coloring and the lightweight layering of styling products.

“We’ve built these styles on cutting foundation guidelines which were designed with disconnection in each cut so that you’re free to keep it simple or to continue the upward development of your own hair-Picasso, so to speak,” explains the Collection’s Technical Director, Scarlet Hudson. Mix in color techniques that are 2-steps or less and the peace of mind of layering styling products without weight or sticky residue and you’ve got the flexibility to spend as little (or as much!) time as you want to complete these creations.

With the expertise of Designers Jeff Altenburg and Alvin Charchuck and the steadfast, reliable color systems and finishing products from Tressa and KIS, the Organic Transitions Collection truly reflects the idea of keeping it basic or making your own masterpiece. In the words of Jeff and Alvin, “you can walk with it, or you can run with it!”

Learn the Step-by-Step from the Organic Transitions Collection!

Photo Credits:
Organic Transitions:  A Tressa & KIS Cut, Texture & Style Collection
Company: Tressa & KIS Haircare
Technical Director: Scarlet Hudson
Artist: Jeff Altenburg & Alvin Charchuk
Photographer: Paula Tizzard
Makeup Artist: Erin Bradley
Models: Exclusive Models
Clothing: From Mars – Owners: Dianne & Lori

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