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Last updated: July 10, 2018

Fast Fashion Color How-To: Metallic Mauve

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Fast Fashion Color How-To: Metallic Mauve

What if we told you not all fashion color creations need to take up hours of your day? For example, BTC Team Member Sami Schneider (@samihairmagic) created this multi-dimensional metallic mauve in just 10 minutes! The secret is Tressa Watercolors Intense Shampoos, a color-depositing shampoo with some serious intensity. Here’s why they’re Sami’s go-to for creating fast fashion colors:


“One of the coolest things about Watercolors Intense Shampoo is that you’re in control,” notes Sami. “You’re in control of the colors mixed and of the vibrancy depending on how long you leave the shampoo on. And the shampoo only lasts about three washes before you notice any fade.”


Find out how Sami created this metallic mauve in the steps below, then keep scrolling for more hair inspo using Watercolors Intense Shampoos! 


Products Used




1. Balayage with lightener + 20-volume developer and let process until she reaches a Level 9/10.


2. Rinse with Watercolors Intense Silver and leave on for 10 minutes. “This evened out my canvas and since I let it sit on for about 10 minutes, it left some of the Level 10 pieces a beautiful silver lilac color, which is great for extra dimension,” shared Sami.


3. Then, make three different mixtures:

  1. 1 part Watercolors Intense Pink + 2 parts Watercolors Intense Silver
  2. 1 part Watercolors Intense Pink + 2 parts Watercolors Intense Silver + 1 part Watercolors Intense Purple
  3. 1 part Watercolors Intense Purple + 2 parts Watercolors Intense Silver


4. Apply each mixture throughout the hair for maximum dimension and let sit for 5 minutes.


The finished look!


What To Know

  • The shampoo works best when applied on Level 7 hair or higher. 
  • Vibrancy depends on how long the shampoo sits on the hair.
  • Each application deposits more color and shampoos can be mixed together. 
  • The color lasts about two to three washes before the fade becomes noticeable. 
  • They’re ideal for clients who want to maintain fashion colors at home, or for a quick, commitment-free color service.


Get Inspired

Want to see what more Watercolors Intense Shampoo can do? Keep scrolling to see how Sami and other colorists use Tressa’s color-depositing shampoos to create other fast fashion colors!


Rose Gold Perfection // Instagram via @samihairmagic
Fiery Coral // Instagram via @hairbymandakay
Blush Bob // Instagram via @elissawolfe
Pink & Teal Color Melt // Instagram via @shearmadnesshs


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