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Last updated: December 17, 2019

Powder Lightener

SPARKS Powder Lightener Blonde Hair Blonder Bleach Lightening Process 8 Levels Of Lift Soft Healthy High Shine Amino Acids
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Formulated with powerful amino acids, SPARKS Powder Lightener protects delicate strands during the lightening process by gently lifting up to eight levels while delivering soft, healthy, high-shine blonde results. Its formula is infused with lysine and arginine, which work synergistically to help nourish and protect fragile hair during the lifting process. While lysine helps bind vital lipids on and in cuticle layers, arginine is an elasticity-boosting amino acid that is crucial to hair strength and breakage resistance.


Additional benefits include:

  • Dust-free, fine blue powder for easy mixing.
  • Neutralizes unwanted warmth while it lifts.
  • Mixes to a creamy consistency without swelling.
  • Smart blonde ingredients nourish the hair for the healthiest blonde result.
  • Easy to rinse and remove.


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Manufacturer: SPARKS

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Powder Lightener

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