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Last updated: June 01, 2017



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Looking for a way to get those killer curls? Coming to a salon near you, KILLER.CURLS by KEVIN.MURPHY will be the answer to all of your curl-related problems. This new leave-in, anti-frizz crème is designed to provide definition and style to your curls. KILLER.CURLS works to moisturize and eliminate frizz while also activating curls for a natural look and feel. The new product features weightless ingredients to perfect the ideal look of elasticity while also keeping a strong hold.

“Traditionally, strong hold curl products provide a stiff look and feel, leaving hair dull and flat. Products touting a more flexible hold typically are low-performance or provide a weak hold,” says KEVIN.MURPHY stylist and founder Kevin Murphy. “With this information in mind, we set out to create a new curl product for women looking to embrace their natural texture. KILLER.CURLS defines curls while smoothing and strengthening hair. Plant extracts and oils benefit both the hair and scalp, adding hydration, improving elasticity, and encouraging hair regeneration.”

So if your client is dying for amazing curls that will look the part all day long, KILLER.CURLS will deliver performance, strength and longevity, to give you the curls every girl wants.

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