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Last updated: June 01, 2017

KEVIN.MURPHY Eco-Friendly, Lightweight, Gentle Brushes

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As a stylist, you use a brush on every client that sits in your chair. If you also have a strong disposition for protecting the environment, KEVIN.MURPHY has the brush set for you. The brand has a new range of eco-friendly, lightweight, brushes—Large Roll Brush; Small Roll Brush; Smoothing Brush and the Styling Brush. Made from eco-friendly, 100 percent natural sustainable bamboo, these brushes are waterproof and lightweight, providing durability and comfort for the user. Wild boar bristles are reinforced with ionic bristles to gently detangle hair without damage, distributing the hair’s natural oils throughout for enhanced shine.

““Brushes are essential tools for any stylist or client. The right brush is key to creating styles and working with product without damaging hair,” says KEVIN.MURPHY stylist and founder Kevin Murphy. “Like all KEVIN.MURPHY products, these brushes are high performing, eco-friendly, and aid in optimal hair health.”

Large Roll Brush – Ideal for use with the heat of a blow dryer on damp hair to create curl and movement. This brush gives hair a smooth, shiny finish.  A carved, ergonomic groove on the brush’s grip allows for comfort and ease of use while round brushing and styling.

Small Roll Brush – Includes all the features of the large version in a more compact size.

Smoothing Brush – Features an oval cushion backing for comfort and agility of hair movement. This brush leaves the hair with a smooth and shiny finish. For best results, use on dry hair.

Styling Brush – This brush is designed with a rectangular cushion backing that provides added comfort and agility of hair movement when styling. It’s ideal for use on dry hair and general styling.

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