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Last updated: July 17, 2017

Hair Taming System “The Best” with Juvexin

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In need of a taming system that controls curls, keeps hair healthy and can last for up to 5 months? The Best by GKhair is up for the challenge. It reduces stiffness in the hair which causes the hair to lose its natural curl and feel softer. Plus, like all GKhair products, The Best is created with Juvexin—a special blend of proteins and peptides optimized specifically for hair—to protect and restore strands back to their youthful state. The Best penetrates the hair shaft and delivers important conditioning and moisturizing benefits so that clients will see improved softness and manageability with less friction and breakage. 


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Manufacturer: GKhair, @gkhair

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Hair Taming System “The Best” with Juvexin

How To Use

1. Wash hair twice with the GKhair pH+ Clarifying Shampoo.
2. Towel-dry hair. Comb through with GKhair Vent Brush and section hair into 3 parts.
3. Apply "The Best" with application brush onto ½-inch sections of hair.
4. Comb through entire head making sure that hair is thoroughly saturated, staying a 1/4 inch away from scalp.
5. Let sit 15-60 minutes (From 15 minutes for fine, wavy hair to 60 minutes for thick, coarse, tight curls).
6. Rinse hair with warm water until water runs clear. If hair is over-processed or red, rinse with GKhair Moisturizing Shampoo.
7. Blow-dry hair straight on high heat with GKhair Thermal Round Brush until 100 percent dry and styled.
8. Section hair and flat iron with GKhair Titanium Flat iron at 450 degrees. If hair is over-processed, flat iron at 400 degrees, ends of hair should be flat ironed with a bend.
9. Clients can wash their hair at any time after the service using GKhair Shampoos and Conditioners.

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