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November 14, 2018

5 Tips For Brighter, Brass-Free Blondes

Balayage & Blonding: 5 Tips For Brighter & Brass-Free Results

From sun-kissed strands to rooty balayage, blonding services are hotter than ever! Keep reading to get five tips from BTC Team Member Mallery Share (@hellobalayage) and learn how to make the blondes in your chair dimensional, brighter and brass-free!

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1. Paint A Brighter Blonde

Painting slants (as seen in the pic below) is perfect for creating a brighter blonde overall while keeping some of that dimension she craves because it breaks up the roots and results in a lived-in look.


Instagram via @hellobalayage


2. The Technique For Low-Maintenance Clients

Foilayage is a great technique for low-maintenance clients who want to subtly lighten their locks without compromising a seamless fade out. It mimics balayage so she’ll still have a dimensional, lived-in look but it can last up to six months—aka less touch ups.


3. Two Products For Brass-Free Blondes

The goal always? To never hear a client say, “I still see yellow!” And we know two products that can help avoid that. Toning with the GKhair Ultra Blonde Bombshell Masque for seven minutes eliminates brass and adds high-shine and then styling with GKhair Leave-In Cream neutralizes unwanted pigments while smoothing, protecting and hydrating lightened hair.


4. How To Paint The Crown

To prevent holes in the crown area, Mallery says to follow the “whirl” in the hair and paint in the natural pattern that her strands grow.


Instagram via @hellobalayage


5.  A Trick For Sun-Kissed Balayage

When creating sun-kissed balayage it’s super important to leave some dimension, too, which is why Mallery opts for surface painting. It always leaves a built-in lowlight, so she can lighten her client’s locks without losing that natural, complimentary contrast.



Now that you’ve got these tips, click here to get Mallery’s hand-painted blonde blend formula!

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