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Last updated: August 07, 2020


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  • Formula A

    GKHair Juvexin Lightening Powder + GKHair Cream Developer 8 volume

  • Formula B

    GK Hair Juvexin Lightening Powder + GK Hair Cream Developer 20 volume

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There is nothing more satisfying than a clean platinum. When it comes to achieving this highly sought after tone, there are a lot of elements that come together to make the perfect silver. We reached out to Julie Holbrook (@headrushdesigns) for her tips and tricks to pulling off this stunning color. Scroll though to see what she recommends.



Who is this technique for?

“This look is for the person always wanting to be blonder!” says Julie. We all have those clients who never feel light enough with just highlights. This technique is perfect for an ULTRA blonde look.


What products and tools do you need for this technique?

For this technique, Julie recommends an on-scalp lightener like the GKHair Juvexin Powder Lightener, cotton to prevent overlap, and a lot of patience. According to Julie, when it comes to blonding, “low and slow” is the way to go. 


How long does this technique take and how long does it last?

“This technique usually takes 2-3 hours to perform and should be touched up within 4-6 weeks for best results,” says Julie.


What is the maintenance for this technique?

This look is not for the faint of heart. If your client has darker hair or hair that is stubborn to lightening, this look can be challenging and requires consistent touch ups to keep their hair in good condition. “If they don’t have the time to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks for a touch up then this look definitely isn’t for them,” explains Julie.


It is important to educate your clients about at home maintenance for this look. A purple shampoo, blonde treatment, and deep conditioner are all part of the investment required for the upkeep of this look. It is also important to let your clients know to stay away from heat as much as possible to help maintain health and keep the blonde color bright.


What is the pricing for this technique?

Pricing will vary depending on what you charge for each individual service, but Julie structures her pricing a la carte. “This look can be costly. Plan a 2-3 hour service that is a double or triple process service. You will also need a toner and depending the amount of time between services, you may need a toner between to maintain the desired tone. Plan for the service to be $150 and up,” says Julie.



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Who Did It

Colorist: Julie Holbrook
Manufacturer: GKhair, @gkhair

Products Used


  • Formula A

    GKHair Juvexin Lightening Powder + GKHair Cream Developer 8 volume

  • Formula B

    GK Hair Juvexin Lightening Powder + GK Hair Cream Developer 20 volume


Step 1: Starting in the front, use a low developer and apply Formula A to regrowth.


Step 2: Switch to Formula B halfway through and continue applying to regrowth until finished.


Step 3: Rinse, shampoo, and apply GKHair Ultra Blonde Bombshell Masque roots to ends for 3-10 minutes.


PRO TIP: “The amount of regrowth your client has will determine how you apply your on scalp lightener. If they have a half inch or less of regrowth, apply directly to scalp. If they have more than a half inch, apply to 3/4 of regrowth and leave the lightener off scalp until midstrand has reached a Level 8/9, and then go back in and apply to scalp,” explains Julie.