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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Essie 2013 Fall Collection

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Summer’s over and it’s truly time to get back to business…the business of fashion, that is! Every autumn, New York City becomes abuzz with Fashion Week – full of fun, phenomenal inspiration. Everything from the oil slicks on the Manhattan streets after a thunderstorm, to the schoolgirls and boys filling the avenues in their pleated navy skirts and blue-black blazers – all serve as a muse for the essie 2013 fall collection. This season’s collection boasts fashionable shades for clients’ nails that resemble lush cashmere, rich twill and luxe lace. With five new, chic shades, including: twin sweater set, the lace is on, afterschool boy blazer, for the twill of it, cashmere bathrobe and vested interest, your clients will radiate beautifuly tailored warmth all autumn long.

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