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Last updated: September 13, 2017

Smokey Eye Make-Up Tutorial from Project Runway’s Fallene Wells

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Smokey Eye Make-Up Tutorial from Project Runway’s Fallene Wells

Fallene Wells is known for her stint on Project Runway, but we know her as one of our new BFF’s who can do hair, design clothes and create the perfect accompanying makeup look. This look was created with the help of Mary Wolfgang for her models in Denver’s “Forever Darling” fashion show. However, it’s a look that works beyond the runway perfectly for date nights, parties and special occasions. Take a look and learn how to create it!

Check out Fallene’s step-by-step for a stunning retro-inspired updo!

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    First, make sure the eyelid is clean. Apply a thin layer of glue to a strip of false lashes. Carefully press the strip along the natural lash line. Pat it down until the glue is dry.

    Apply a layer of mascara; this blends the real lashes with the false lashes.

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    Take a dark, creme eyeshadow and blend it into the eyelid. Start at the outer corner of the lash line and blend upward to the natural crease.

    Apply a lighter, shimmery eyeshadow to the lid, starting at the innter corner and blending it into the darker, outside edge to add dimension.

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    Apply a black gel eyeliner with a thin eyeliner brush. Smudge it into the lash line. Start thickly by the outer corner, and gradually thin the line as you move to the inner corner.

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    Apply the eyeliner to the inner rim of the bottom lashes. To do this, pull the lash line away from the eye to access the waterline. Start in the outer corner and work toward the inner corner, pressing the liner into the lash line and the rim as you move along. 

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    Apply a brow powder or a gel to the brows. To do this, brush the brows downward and apply the powder or gel to the upper natural line of the brows. Fill in the brows where the hair is light or missing. Brush brows smooth to finish.

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    Apply the concealer under the eye area. Use a cream corrector followed by a yellow-based concealer on top. Press both into the under eye area to blend. Set both with a sheer yellow brightening powder.

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    Use foundation to even skin tone. Apply it to skin that shows signs of redness and blend into surrounding areas. Set with a finishing powder.

    Then, apply a bronzing powder to “warm” the skin to match the chest. Work the bronzer from the outer areas of the face to the inner areas.

    To finish the face, apply a bright, rose-colored blush to the top of the cheek area. Blend downward and back up toward the top of the ear.

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    Select a bright, clear red for the lips. Start with a lip pencil. Trace the edges of the lips, then fill them in with entirely with the pencil. Then apply red lipstick. For this look, we don’t suggest gloss – the lipstick alone is enough! 

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    She’s ready for the runway! This look, however, is great for any special occassion.

    Check out Fallene’s step-by-step for a retro-glam updo!