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November 30, 2011

Retro Glam Updo from Project Runway’s Fallene Wells


Retro Glam Updo from Project Runway’s Fallene Wells

Fallene Wells is a double threat: she can design clothes and do stunning hair looks! She passed along this tutorial for a stunning retro-inspired updo, a look she used in her runway show, “Forever Darling.” Between the coifs and coils, it’s a look perfect for special occassions and is sure to be a show-stopper. Click through to learn how you can create it yourself!

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: Fallene Wells and Meredith Jaramus
Photos: Valerie Williams


  • 1

    1.) Section hair with an ear-to-ear radial. Clip up the top half.
    2.) With a 1″ curling iron, curl all hair in the bottom portion in 1 1/2″ sections.


  • 2

    In the bottom section, you’ll clip up 3/4 of the hair, mostly from the center. You should have hair free on both sides of the head, by the ears.

    Now, you’ll create an anchor for your design. To do this, bring the two free side sections together, cross them and pin in place. Leave a 3-inch panel by the right ear free.

  • 3

    Start to pin the curls up and around the base, making sure the curls are as free of flyaways as possible and gathered in a smooth direction.

  • 4

    Unpin the top half of the back section. Backcomb for volume and smooth out the top with a small boar bristle brush. Curl the ends of the section in the same direction as the other curls.

  • 5

    Wrap the curl around your thumb and pull through. This is an easy way to create a quite large pin curl-like bun. Secure with pins around the edges.

  • 6

    Smooth out any flyaways with a rat tail comb. 

  • 7

    Return to the front right section. Curl the ends in the same direction and wrap the section around the lower portion of the design. Again, make sure the section is smooth and blends into the bottom bun, and secure.

  • 8

    For the final section (front left), you’ll use the same curling iron and work in horizontal sections. Start with a curl on base, down toward the ear, then alternate until section is complete.

    Note: Pin each curl in place to help set and mold curl pattern.

  • 9

    Brush out curls with small boar bristle brush; continue until an S-shape starts to form. Pin finger wave shape in place, bringing the ends into the back design. Pin into place and secure with spray. 

    Note: If there are any visible lines showing from the iron, simply run the hot iron over the crease and voila–it’s gone!

  • 10

    Optional: Add a fun hairpiece to enhance the retro vibe.

  • 11

    A view from the front! You can really see how the S-shape flows beside her face.

  • 12

    A view of the completed design in the back. A show-stopper for sure!

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