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Last updated: January 22, 2018

The Sleek and Sophisticated Bob

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Bobs are back full force and taking over tinsel town. So what makes this crop so special? Well, for one, the look is completely versatile, leaving the door wide open for styling possibilities. Take the slicked back look celebrity stylist Riawna Capri gave Julianne Hough during the American Music Awards. She could have curled her hair, created waves, but Riawna wanted to complement Julianne’s bold, sexy dress and thought it best to go sleek and sophisticated with her hair. Here’s how she did it!


Artist: Riawna Capri
Manufacturer: UNITE

Products Used



Prep hair with UNITE BLONDA Shampoo and Conditioner to perfect the blonde tone. Follow with UNITE 7SECONDS Condition for instant conditioning, detangling and thermal protection.


Straight out of the shower, apply about a quarter-sized amount of UNITE LAZER Straight mixed with EXPANDA Volume into hands, emulsify and apply from roots to ends to help tame flyways and relax the hair.


Comb the hair tight to the head into place. Then lock the look into place with SESSION-MAX.


Once dried, after a few hours, brush it all out then sprinkle EXPANDA Dust to the front, top section for instant root volume.

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Finish hair with a little CONUNDRUM on the ends and an overall massive amount of UNITE SESSION-MAX Hairspray for a hold that will last all night.

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