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Last updated: September 15, 2022


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There’s something about a healthy head of curls that makes a color really POP. This juicy rich red by Mayssa Deeb (@mayssas_beauty_mark) is perfect for fall, and in combination with her beautiful natural texture, is giving us major hair envy! Scroll down to get the formulas, pricing and more!


Starting Level: Level 3

Total Chair Time: 4 to 5 hours

Price: $400 to $500


1. Who is this technique for?  

“Rëzolites is a technique I created for my clients with curly hair. The technique and placement of Rëzolites provides the client with a balance of color and dimension all the while maintaining the integrity of the curls. It truly compliments my client’s Rëzocut that I also gave her. Although I created this technique for curly hair, it also translates beautifully on straight hair,” shares Mayssa. 


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Rëzolites technique, it is a combination of woven highlights and balayage that creates a highlight effect that is high impact but low-maintenance with a seamless grow out. This highlighting technique works for all hair textures and densities including straight hair because it is fully customizable.


But know that reds can be tricky. “Achieving the correct red tone can be very challenging to achieve and maintain. I would not suggest this look for anyone with compromised curls. Also, I would not suggest it to anyone who will not keep up with at-home or in-salon care,” explains Mayssa.



2. How long does this technique take and how long does it last?

Generally, this process takes anywhere from four to six hours depending on the starting level, desired color and density of the client’s hair. When taken care of properly, this color can last about four to five months.


3. What does maintenance look like for this technique?

At-home care consists of using a quality professional shampoo and conditioner. Mayssa likes to recommend products from the Rëzo Haircare Line, or Olaplex No.4 and No.5. Also, deep conditioning is a MUST! In-salon maintenance consists of glazing the hair every eight to 12 weeks along with a bond building treatment.  



Who Did It

Artist: Mayssa Deeb



1. Perform the Rëzolites technique using Formula A and process for 45 minutes.


Pro Tip: In order to maintain the integrity of the hair, refrain from using heat and check the hair every 15 minutes until the desired level of lift is achieved.


2. Shampoo, towel-dry and apply Formula B. Process for 30 minutes.


3. Rinse and style as desired.