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Last updated: January 03, 2018

Bright Blonde Bob

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  • Formula A:

    Pulp Riot Blonde AF + 20-volume developer

If the blondies in your chair feel like their locks are looking a little lackluster, sometimes all you need is a single formula to bring ’em back to life. When a client of Ivan Hernandez (@justhairobsession) came in with some color build up on her ends, the Connecticut-based colorist used one lightening formula to refresh her bright blonde bob. Find out how he did it in the steps below!



Total chair time: About 2 hours


Full Head: $155
Extra Hand-Painted Pieces: $45
Cut: $65
Total: $265


Who Did It

Manufacturer: Fanola; Pulp Riot, @pulpriothair

Products Used


  • Formula A:

    Pulp Riot Blonde AF + 20-volume developer


1. Start by creating babylights around the face using Formula A.


2. Then, work your way up the head and foil Formula A along her part. Alternate between slicing and weaving the sections until you reach the crown.


3. When you reach the sides, apply Formula A about 1½ inches apart to give yourself room to hand-paint pieces in between the foils. “Because she was already prelightened but had darker ends due to color build up from toners, I balayaged those pieces also with Formula A to remove that build up,” shares Ivan.


4. Skip toner and shampoo with Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. Blow-dry, then style as desired.