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December 28, 2008

Jason Kearns “Urban Gypsy” Collection for LaCoupe


Jason Kearns “Urban Gypsy” Collection for LaCoupe

“In this economic climate, one of the few things on the rise is hair” says Charles Booth, founder of LaCoupe hair care products. “Height and volume are back, so hairspray sales are booming.  It always happens in periods of economic pressure that women want to have fun, forget the bad news and concentrate on the good times”.

Booth turned to long-time colleague Jason Kearns of Toronto, ON, to express this trend in hair.  Booth and Kearns both left London, England in the swinging sixties and moved to Canada where they eventually worked together at LaCoupe Salon, which Booth opened in Montreal in 1967. The creative collaboration resulted in the creation of the “Urban Gypsy” Collection.

Jason’s creation of the Urban Gypsy Collection perfectly captures the mood and shape of the moment. “It’s all about control,” says Jason “I wanted to show that hairspray is not a product of generations past, but rather a powerful tool.”

Jason created the Urban Gypsy collection of images; a strong visual collection that takes advantage of the use of hairspray to supply hold and control, and as the images highlight, versatility and structure.  The look moves away from casual to a more refined approach to hair and style. 

Jason sees the collection as homage to one of the most important products ever invented for hair. A behind the scenes tool, hairspray has been a mainstay in creating the looks we see on designer runways and gracing the pages of fashion magazines for decades.   “The images within the Urban Gypsy Collection capture the wide ranging styles and moods that hairspray can enhance, the hair remains free to move but is never out of control.”

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A whole new, younger generation is discovering hairspray.  “It’s not just your grandma’s product anymore, says Booth.  It’s incredibly versatile and is an essential component in the equipment of any self -respecting stylist, whether they are working on a set or in the salon.”

Photo credit:
Art Direction and Hair: Jason Kearns Kearns/Davidson Salon
Wardrobe: Catherine Curtis & Alexia Von Beck
Makeup: Hanoch
Photos: Richard Dubois

For more information please visit www.lacoupe.com and www.jasonkearns.com 

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