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March 13, 2008

Jason Kearns “Beyond the Chair” Collection


Jason Kearns “Beyond the Chair” Collection

These ladies…they do what they want, when they want. They’re powerful and certainly inspirational.  Jason Kearns’ stunning new collection “Beyond the Chair” is a saucy salute to urban beauties who take their own path and lead the pack.  They take things as they come and always love a bit of drama in their lives.  

Wearing little more then a “come hither” smile – and of course – gorgeous hair, the girls are perched up on a super-modern chair, evoking a feeling of ultimate power and prettiness. 

Kearns takes a fine-art approach to this collection, but prepares it in the simplest of ways: he was armed with just a 1-inch flat iron and two styling aids.  Well that, and a bevy of beauties that made all of us a BTC a bit green with envy of their gorgeous looks and empowering positions. We’re truly amazed, though, at the results that came from Kearns’ humble tool; the hair turns into flowing locks, pin-straight strands and swirling ribbons.  “Simplicity with one’s work is like silence: very few words are spoken, but it still shouts volumes about beauty and the feminine spirit,” Kearns says. “And what’s more simple than using a single flat iron to create coils, pin curls, ridges, waves, ribbons and, of course, sublimely sleek hair.”

“Beyond the Chair” certainly personifies and masters the “less is more” idea, and the final result is, as Kearns describes best, “one of exquisite feminine beauty – with all its strength and daintiness.”

Hair, Art Direction & Concept: Jason Kearns
Photography: Richard Dubois
Makeup: Jukka Suutari
Clothes: Catherine Curtis

To learn more, go to www.jasonkearns.com

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