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December 22, 2005

Black Platinum by Jason Kearns


Black Platinum by Jason Kearns

Black Platinum
“She’s going into her own night…and doing it her way”

Rambunctious…flirtatious…a sultry prelude to a special meeting… Jason Kearns’ powerful imagery and eye for beauty have come together to create Black Platinum, his stunning new “solarized” beauty collection that promises to captivate the minds and emotions of beauty lovers throughout the world. Radiating urban romanticism, Black Platinum comes to life through Jason’s skillful touch and the use of digital solarization, an artful technique that was inspired by Man Ray, the master of experimental photography who created this technique in the 1920s.

Filtered through the prism of surrealist sensibility, Jason is a visual storyteller, whether it is a mood, a thought or an expression of beauty. “I get in touch with my feelings through fashion and photography,” he shares. “It allows me to express so many moods and emotions that we, as human beings, naturally experience. In my Black Platinum collection, the model is flaunting her own brand of smoldering beauty by exuding an intense fashion sense, and wearing a haircut that’s both versatile and free flowing.”

Drawing from both fine art and fantasy, Jason’s timeless, yet in-the-moment Black Platinum hair design seems to flow with the model’s moods by moving with the tempest of her own emotions, and always settling beautifully into place. There is looseness to the haircut, with long sliced-out bangs, and a full graduation that can fall forward, be slicked back, or stay to the side while always exuding a classic sensuality. “When I cut hair, I feel the haircut more than see it,” says Jason. “I find that embracing this sense of touch in my art is the ultimate way to create a beautiful shape and style.”

Jason Kearns is an art director, hair artist and owner of the stylish, high-end Kearns-Davidson Hair & Skin Care salon in the posh Rosedale district of Toronto, Canada. In addition to managing his salon and catering to an A-list clientele, Jason participates in visual branding projects for manufacturers through photographic projects for promotions, ad campaigns and market position. His work has been featured in numerous publications, including British Vogue, American Vogue and Flare.

For more information, please log on to www.jasonkearns.com.