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Last updated: July 17, 2008

Jason Kearns “The Blonde One”

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Jason Kearns “The Blonde One”

This eye candy from Jason Kearns is about as sweet as it gets.  The Blonde One, Kearns’ newest collection, is a tribute to the irresistible confection of fair-haired beauties.  Cut and sculpted with precision, and exuding a porcelain finish in both haircolor and skin, The Blonde One proves that in Kearns’ artful hands, a simple yet beautifully crafted hair design can be forever fascinating.

Highly-textured cuts have ruled for several years, so Kearns decided to reject that idea and show something new.  So he brandished 4.5-inch shears to blunt-cut the hair to a mere quarter inch length at the nape and two inches at the crown.  “I wanted to see short, short hair come alive with the magic of crisp cutting lines,” he says, adding, “The only added texture in the hair comes from a vigorous blonding done by master colorist Kathleen McMahon, who took the model’s hair from a murky, dark brown to a flawless, über-pale vanilla blonde.”

Casting traditional tools aside, Kearns finished his sweet creation by using a humble scalp scrubber to produce deep grooves in the hair that undulate with the saccharine dreams that can only come from beauty perfection.  Just like a delicious candy bar, the element of surprise in these looks is pure enjoyment.

Hair, Art Direction & Concept
Jason Kearns
Kearns Davidson Hair & Skin Care
Hair Colour
Kathleen McMahon/Kearns Davidson
Richard Dubois
Make Up
Jukka/ Plutino Group, Toronto
Catherine Curtis, Toronto.
Next Canada
Metal Urge, Toronto

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