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Last updated: March 13, 2024

What Would You Do (Client Edition): My Stylist Is Ignoring Me

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Advice For Clients Who Are Being Ignored By A Stylist

Maybe you don’t care if your Tinder date ghosted you…but what about your hairdresser?! Today we’re hearing from the client perspective—her hairdresser is ignoring her and she doesn’t know why! BTC Fam, why would you give a client the digital cold shoulder? Let’s see your responses!


“Please keep me anonymous! I’ve been having my balayage done every four to five months by a great stylist but a few weeks ago I had to cancel on short notice due to contracting the mumps and didn’t want to risk infecting her or other stylists there. I rebooked with her when I was well for two weeks after on the same day and asked if she had any cancellations to contact me and I would happily take the spot. I also thanked her for not striking me off for canceling so soon before my appointment date….she read my messages and didn’t reply, but I thought she was busy.Yesterday I saw her post a pic stating she had 10 to 11 spots open for the next week in case anyone wants to book, so I messaged her again asking if I could take one of them. Again, she read my message but didn’t reply—but she did interact with others on the post. Just wondering what I should do as I love her work, but I don’t want to feel worried about her feelings toward me. Please help!”


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Girl, Just Go To Your Scheduled Appointment



“If it’s your first offense I’m sure the stylist will be happy to see you in two weeks. I’m thinking she’s just scared of catching the mumps and doesn’t want to be rude or embarrass you. Either way she needs to have better communication. Go to your appointment in two-weeks and tip her really big.” – Breanna Lewis


“I agree this behavior is unprofessional and immature. It does sound like she won’t get you in early because she’s mad about the cancellation, but IF you love her and love her work go to your appointment. Let her know you love her and the work she does for you—and leave her a higher tip than you normally would. Though your sickness was not your fault, this will show that you still appreciate the time she lost with you. Then, see how she responds. If things go back to normal, great! If she is still treating you badly after your appointment, find another stylist. Seriously!” – Heidi Plumb Janeck


She’s probably punishing you for cancelling last minute and making you wait for that two-week appointment she put you in after you canceled. That’s why she’s not going to get you in sooner than that. You might be in time out.” – @sharondemartinohair


“OK, the client here has already rebooked after the mumps incident. Why is it important that messages were seen or not responded to? The stylist isn’t your BFF who owes an explanation. The appointment is made. If you like her as a stylist, then show up! That’s it.” – @adventurewithallylane


“Honestly, you already have a set rescheduled appointment that she would appreciate if you keep. She is just not responding to you being put on the ‘call if there is a cancellation’ list. It’s unprofessional still on her end to not respond to a specific question. Many stylists find it more professional not to directly state a ‘No,’ and just beat around the bush.” – @headgamebyangy


“If you currently have an appointment booked, she probably doesn’t want to move you in sooner. No one wants to risk getting this and salons sometimes have clients who are too young for vaccinations or can’t have vaccinations and they’d risk compromising their immunity…” – @getyourfixstudio


“You already have an appointment rescheduled. Why are you being so needy? A LOT of us book online only and can’t respond to every text, especially if we have clients. Your time is when you are IN THE CHAIR. We’re not paid to be available to you 24/7. You said to contact you if there were cancellations available for you. There aren’t, so she didn’t contact you.” – @jenniferosenycthesalon


“Wait… so you do have an appointment booked? Please just keep the appointment you booked and enjoy your time in her chair then. Your hair will thank you for your patience.” – @brydogswife



Your Stylist Might Not Be Able To Get You In Sooner



“Scheduling is a delicate art. Maybe those other slots wouldn’t fit your appointment? Maybe she had someone double-booked within your appointment and moving you would have left her with awkward gaps?” – Katie Allen


How bad do you need your hair done girl!!!?? Message her under a new number claiming to be a new client and book your appointment!” – @bobbythomaswarden


“I would call the salon instead of messaging her. Sometimes it’s irritating when you give your clients your numbers for emergencies and they then feel free to message you about every little thing. Also, maybe her open spots aren’t long enough for a balayage appointment. I find myself coming in on days off to accommodate certain projects that I don’t have space for in my regular work hours. I’m sure she’s not ignoring you on purpose. Calling the salon is the best idea. They’ll let you know what she does have, and if she doesn’t want or can’t accommodate you the receptionist can then recommend you to another stylist.” – @gabriellescire


Reach Out One More Time




“Not sure why any client would be messaging a stylist. Messages and texting should only be used as a reminder, as they often get misinterpreted or could be used against the stylist. Call the salon, book an appointment.” – Dom Whittaker


Whoa. Don’t listen to these people. Everyone reads messages when they’re busy and forgets to reply sometimes. Just send a follow-up text about your appointment. She might have just overlooked it by mistake and forgotten to send a reply. Don’t always assume the worst. A follow-up might be helpful!” – @angieebaybee


She doesn’t have to respond to you via personal message. Interact with her where she is interacting with other clients, or call the salon. Don’t feel insecure. She may just be very busy or has decided for her own personal reasons not to respond to messages via text.” – @mccartywife12


“You should call to speak to her personally. I don’t communicate business through DMs because so much can get lost in translation and it’s extremely open-ended. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at a message in the middle of doing something else, meant to reply and never got to it. If your current appointment still stands and hasn’t been canceled, I’m pretty sure she hasn’t fired you. But if you just want to be clear that there aren’t any hard feelings, call and ask to speak with her.” – @haircolorkilla



Your Stylist Should Have Responded To You




“There is no excuse to ignore the client. She should have responded in some way. I would cancel with plenty of notice and find someone else. Why go through all of this!” – @divagoddess1


“Bottom line—we need to keep things professional always. Whether or not a client cancels, we need to open lines of communication and let the client know certain behaviors are unacceptable. Let’s not play childish games by not responding to a client. It makes our industry look bad…not to mention it’s childish.” – @stephaniegardinerstout


“After two consecutive cancellations with me, I give them the option of paying a 50 percent deposit towards their next appointment or a three-month appointment ban. I have a minimum 24-hour cancellation notice and clients are fully aware that they may have to wait for their next appointment due to other bookings. For no call, no shows, my books are closed to them. In this case, the stylist needs to contact her and stop being immature. Let her know her policies, if she hasn’t already. Simple.” – @traceygolchert


“I think that’s really rude of her to do that. Are income is based on our clients and how we treat our clients. She could have at least responded to you at the minimum. You deserve a stylist that is going to be understanding and compassionate.” – @_misskatiedee_


“That stylist is not professional. Trust me there are so many better ones that won’t treat you like that! Where did the salon etiquette go? Did Instagram squash professional behavior behind the chair??” – @dufraneonyourmane


Find A New Hairstylist! ASAP!




“Just as every stylist is not for every client, not every client is for every stylist. Move on, find someone else to go to. If she does have a personal issue with you, that’s not someone you want working on you.” – Abigail Nilluka


Find a new stylist that values your loyalty.” – @gemmaglover


“Find a stylist that appreciates your business. She can’t be the only one in town who does a good balayage.” – @_hairbysarah_