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Last updated: November 20, 2020

5 Tips To Generate Income Without Physically Working Behind The Chair

How To Create An Income Backup Plan

2020 has shown us all that the best laid plans can be erased quickly, and no hairdresser wants to experience another situation where they aren’t sure how they’ll bring home an income. That’s why we chatted with two industry experts on how to create a stylist income backup plan—because whether another shutdown happens, or you get injured, move to a new state or simply need more money, it’s smart to have income-generating activities that don’t require you to be physically behind the chair.


Watch Jack Winn Pro Founder and CEO Jack Winn (@jackwinnpro) and stylist Brittany Doerr French (@brittanydoerrfrench) in the video above with BTC Editorial Director Lauren Rees (@lllllllaur), and keep scrolling for their best tips for ways you can generate extra money now and prepare a plan for later.


1. Partner with a brand that offers an affiliate program.

The first step to generating income when you aren’t physically working is to set up an affiliate program to sell retail to clients. Jack Winn Pro associates get paid up to 50 percent commission on their retail sales to clients—and clients DON’T need to use a special affiliate link to purchase. In fact, every client retail purchase on the Jack Winn Pro website is credited to a hairdresser, so if your client reorders independently of you, you’ll still get that commission.


Another benefit to Jack Winn Pro: You can make money by referring other hairdressers as well, so your income potential is drastically higher. Jack Winn Pro will pay you 10% of what your referral stylist orders, every time that stylist places a new order. Brittany has been able to pull in a six-figure income while seeing clients only a few days a month by referring stylists and clients to purchase Jack Winn Pro products—it is very doable!


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2. Take an extra step in client relationships.

Set the groundwork for your second stream of income while you ARE seeing clients, advised Brittany. This in-person connection is crucial to building trust. Here’s what Brittany does to wow her clients and keep them coming back:


  • When she is finished with a client, she takes a few photos (something most hairdressers already do for their Instagrams, right?).
  • Two days after the client’s appointment, Brittany texts the client the best photo and a note saying thank you and asking the client if she is still loving the look Brittany created.


That’s it—and this technique has gotten Brittany new clients, because her current clients tell their friends about how special that extra effort is to them.


3. Have the conversation with honesty.

So you’ve established strong relationships with your clients, and have gone above and beyond for them. If a situation arises that prevents you from physically working behind the chair, it’s time to talk to your clients. This serves as another relationship touchpoint AND a way to generate income.


For example, during the shutdown, Brittany would text her clients a few days before their scheduled appointment (that had been cancelled already due to shelter in place). The text would say how much Brittany missed the client and offered to do a quick virtual consultation via FaceTime to answer any hair questions. She’d also sometimes include how much it meant to her for the client to purchase her products from Brittany, since Brittany wasn’t able to work.


4. Organize new ways to connect with clients.

Mid-shutdown, everyone was FaceTiming, Zooming and going live to make virtual connections. Brittany took it a step further—she joined with some other Jack Winn Pro stylists and created a Facebook group, and each of the stylists invited their clients to join the group. They organized online styling livestreams for all clients in the group to watch.


“The Jack Winn Pro community came together to help one another,” she said. “We provided value to clients when we couldn’t be behind the chair.” The cool part? If Brittany’s client watched a styling session by another hairdresser and then purchased Jack Winn Pro product, Brittany still got that retail commission, because Jack Winn Pro always assigns retail purchases to the client’s hairdresser.


5. Don’t look for the reason why you CAN’T do it.

Stylists are usually reluctant to ramp up retail sales, but DON’T BE. Your clients and fellow stylists want this for you! “Look for the pathway forward,” Jack said. “Retail is a piece of your income that you are entitled to…When somebody is struggling behind the chair, the stylist that introduced them to Jack Winn Pro wants them to succeed. It creates this beautiful web of hairdressers supporting hairdressers. It’s community over competition.”


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