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Last updated: November 27, 2018

WHAT WOULD YOU DO (Client Edition): Finding The Right Hairdresser

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“This is a story of a girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world.” JUST KIDDING. But, this IS a story of a client who had three bad experiences at the salon, and now she is desperate to find a hairdresser she truly vibes with. That’s where we come in, by posing her question to all of you—our loyal BTC Fam!


Check out this client’s question below, then see how you all responded! And, if you feel like sharing some of your own advice, respond on our Instagram post. Or, if you need some advice, send us a question you want answered!


“How do I find a new hairdresser? I follow your page for inspiration, but I’ve had two bad haircuts and a bad color all in a row. I’m trying to find a stylist, and it’s super frustrating. I’m not sure how to find someone who would be able to do what I want with my hair? HELP!”



The consultation is the most important thing…

“See if you can schedule a consultation prior to scheduling an appointment! Like a separate, stand-alone consultation, and then schedule your service while you’re there to see if you feel comfortable and to make sure you guys are on the same page! Bring photos of what you like and talk about why you like it!” – @Kristen_angeloff


“Communication is key! 🔑 Are the stylists asking a lot of questions? A lot of the time a ‘bad’ job is just lack of communication which results in you not getting what you want. Be specific, show pictures and express what you don’t want to see as well as what you do want to see. 😊 Good luck!” – @sandyscissorhands_


“I agree with all of the above. A lot of times stylists don’t get it exactly right the first time due to a communication breakdown, or because clients and stylists use completely different words to describe the same thing. A lot of being a stylist is learning how to translate. Sometimes, we don’t hit it out of the park. But, a butchered cut is different than a cut that’s not exactly what you want. Take time to think about ways you could describe to a stylist, who didn’t give you what you wanted, what you did and did not like about the service. Give them a second chance to correct it and build that relationship with you. A good stylist thrives on feedback. For instance, I have a lot of clients who ask for red. Red can be a bright, fashion color red, a deep merlot color, or copper tones like Emma Stone has. And, clients who ‘hate red’ can love chocolate tones, which can have a lot of red undertones. But, what they mean is they hate seeing brassiness. It’s all about the consultation and the give and take between stylist and client!” – @jasonrwass


“My advice is get a blowout. That’s the best way in getting a feel of the artist without the commitment or a ‘bad’ experience. You see how they represent themselves—are they giving you a good consultation, asking questions, repeating back what your wishes are? How is their manner? See how they interact with their peers, notice their cleanliness, their professionalism and their work ethic. All this can be observed in a blowout especially since it’s a relatively low-price service compared to a cut or color. Plus, it’s no commitment because if you don’t like it you can wash it and move on.” @neo.tress.visage



Instagram is your best bet…

“All my clients find me on Instagram! They search either the salon page or use hashtags in the area, like #denverstylist! That way they can SEE the stylists’ work!” – @simplyalicia


“Instagram is a great way! It’s like getting a tattoo…you want to see their work before letting them touch you! Easy way to view work without having to feel obligated or before doing a consultation.” – @j.stack_


“Google salons in your area and note the first three or four that pop up. Those tend to have the most reviews. Check out the salon’s website and look for stylists. Then, find out their Instagram handles and check their profiles. That is the new portfolio! That way you can see if you like the style of that stylist before you’re in the chair!” – @hailmaryhairdesign



Find What You’re Looking For IRL…

“I have family that moves pretty regularly with jobs all over the U.S., and I always recommend finding someone with similar hair to them and asking who they see. Then, schedule an appointment for a style (no cut, or color) so that you have some time to chat and get a feel for whether they are a good fit for your hair. Also, don’t ever be afraid to call and discuss what went wrong with your service at those other places you visited. I don’t want anyone leaving my chair unhappy and am always more than willing to do what I can to make a client look and feel their best! We do the best we can to accommodate new clients, but sometimes, we just don’t get it quite right on the first try. Knowing what you don’t like is sometimes more helpful than knowing what you DO like!”  — @emcl2991


“Look at all your friends’ hair. If you have one that you consistently like, get a referral to her stylist. And remember this, if you have to wait because the stylist is booked, that’s a good sign! That means they are good! Take many pics with you. A good stylist will have a complete consultation with you before your service to make sure you are on the same page!” – @deanallynsalon


“Clients are a walking billboard for stylists. If you see a great hairstyle in your area, ask who does their hair. Always remember there is sometimes more than one session for a great color especially if you are going lighter. Great hair itself can be a process.” – @cranberrie88