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Last updated: June 13, 2024

You Know Your Mom Is A Hairstylist When…

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9 Ways To Tell Your Mother Is A Hairdresser

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we asked BTC’s Facebook and Instagram followers to share things only kids of hairstylists can relate to. Keep reading for 9 signs you definitely grew up as a salon kid.


#1. When you know A LOT about hair at an early age…


“You get your first highlight at age 10.” — @euphoriahairdesign 


“When I came downstairs for school growing up and was told to immediately reverse, go upstairs and grab the iron to bring to her to fix my curly edges😭😭😭.” — @blakewbeauty 


“When your earliest memories are playing ‘fold the towels’ and ‘sweep the floor’.” — RaeLynn Macdonell


“You had your first perm at 5 years old #80sbaby.” — Rose Velez-Miggins


“My daughter was about 4…. We were walking through JCPenney—all you could smell was perm—out of her little 4 year old mouth: “I smell money!”.” — Christie Barnett Sherwood


“My son at 7 years old responded to someone with ‘let me check my schedule’.” — Terrin Weissenfluh


“When you’re a young boy, but can spot a bad wig.” — Angela Williams


“Teaching your daughter to foil mom’s hair when she was 13.” — Wendy Strohm Szymanski


“When your little girl tells you her doll’s hair is yellow she needs a toner!” — Melissa Gomes


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#2. When you grew up in the salon…


“When you went to the salon instead of daycare.” — @zoeydaknis 


“You know your mom is a hairstylist when you’ve never paid for a haircut in your life 😂.” — @jane.bravo


“When your first job was sweeping hair, washing brushes and bowls…” — @coralou82 


#3. When salon items replace household items…


“When a sectioning clip is used as a chip clip!” — Inspire Salon


“When you use your comb as a tape measure.” — Paula Viani-Reed


“She uses a tint brush as a paint brush.” — Heather A Jones


“When you are trying to make a frozen pizza and are out of foil but your mom’s a hairdresser and always has foil in her salon.” — Bethany Sinclair


“Your BBQ brushes are color brushes.” — Brittany Worthington



#4. When dad’s hair comes last…


“When dad looks homeless most of the time because she never wants to cut his hair💯.” — @meeshy10


#5. But the kids’ hair is always on point…


“She fixes your hair for school, events, church and if you complain even a little bit says ‘Do you know how much people PAY to have me do this to them?!’ 😂” — @heywrighthair


“Your hair is always the best looking in school…” — @isstudiosalon


“Your kids had every fashion color before they turned 10.” — Carlina Jackson


“You had purple bangs in the first grade.” — Sherley Jean-Baptiste


#6. When she’s a local celebrity (and tells everyone your business)…


“She’s famous and knows everyone everywhere you go! And everyone knows your whole life story!” — @jennessagunzz 


“When random people you don’t know come up to you and say ‘Tell your mom I said hi!’” — @ally.cos24


“When total strangers know way too much about your life.” — Sara Pecora


“My 14-year-old daughter said ‘When she knows more tea than I do!’” — Kassi Pulis


#7. When her entire wardrobe is black…

“When all of her clothes are black 😂.” — @rachelortegaa


“When all of her clothes are black with little white spots everywhere.” — Kelci Dean Lincicome


“When there’s random bleach and color stains on everything she wears.” — @isstudiosalon



#8. She’s taught you only the best…


“My daughter said: ‘When you never knew you could buy shampoo at the grocery store’ .” — Tawny Coulter


“When drugstore products have never touched your hair!” — @moebettercolor 


“She says ‘we dye our Easter eggs, we color our hair’.” — @shearkristy 


#9. When you understand her days can be long and hard…

“When I say I’ll be home in an hour and come home 3 hours later.” — Amber Hendershot


“She sits in silence in her car for 45 minutes in the driveway after a 10 hour work day.” — @ladyleelee 


“When you don’t see her until bedtime.” — Victoria Maria 


“When her fingers split down the middle from the constant washing and drying.” — @isstudiosalon 


“When she can eat a whole meal in 2.5 seconds! 🥹” — @iammoedais


To All Hair Moms: No matter where you are in your hair career, know you are loved, appreciated and your hard work does not go unnoticed. 


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