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Last updated: November 08, 2021

Need To Fire A Family Member? Read This Advice!

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When You Need To Fire Family Clientele, What Would You Do?!

We know, it’s cringey to even think about. Firing clients from your book is never easy, let alone when it’s your family! The pricing discounts, unique appointments, requests to work on your days off—where do the expectations end!? Fighting struggles like these and more with family can really take the passion out of hairdressing, yet we feel like we owe them the extra mile? It’s exhausting.


If you feel like you’re stuck to pick sanity in your career or cordial holiday get-togethers—you’re not alone. Our BTC Fam chimed in on Facebook and Instagram with advice on navigating the uncomfortable situations family can put us in as stylists. Keep reading for ideas that can help you decide the best options for you and your career when choosing to let family be part of your client list.


“They’re Always Unhappy, Can I Fire Them From My Books?”

“You sure can! If they aren’t happy with my work than I am not the cosmetologist for them,” says Priscilla PatwantKaur La Drew on Facebook. 


We know it’s easier said than done, but there is no hidden rule about not being able to treat family like any other client! Check over your policies about unhappy client and stylist relationships in your salon—when reading them, imagine your family member as a walk-in and determine how you would handle a situation with someone that does not know you. 


Referrals are also always a great option to keep clients in the salon, but out of your chair. If you have a trusted coworker that could service your family without relationship ties getting in the way, see if they’d be willing to give it a shot! 


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Need To End Family Discounts? Tell It Like It Is.

Hairdressing is your career, not a convenient beauty Groupon for your family. Luckily, if you need to compromise on keeping your family as clients while maintaining income—it’s totally doable! We know how great it feels to be able to give special offers to family on-top of the bomb services you provide but financially, it’s not always sustainable. If you’re struggling with family members that view your career as nothing more than free haircuts, read below. 


“My family members understand that this is my job and how I pay my bills. Family is supposed to support you, not take advantage of you,” says Michelle Bishop Davis on Facebook. 


Look at it this way—”If people you don’t know are willing to pay you, family can too,” says @adrienneportier


“They need to understand this is how you learn a living, this is not a hobby, says @kostner13. You could say, ‘Moving forward, I am no longer able to offer a discount. Next time, the price will be ___, I understand if you do not want to pay that price and wish to go somewhere else.’ Then, the choice is theirs, charge your worth!”


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Can You Let Family Go Without Giving A Reason?

Feel like you can’t tell your aunt she expects too much while in your chair? Relay the message in a way that emphasis your desired business goals and not your personal choices. 


“Of course you can! says @iamlaylatourh. You just tell them you’re having a client audit and moving forward, you will be no longer have a family and friends policy. Explain that this distracts you from reaching peak performance (after sales, etc.) and that it is a business decision, not a personal one.”


“Tell them you don’t think you’re the best stylist for them and offer to refer them to someone else, says @charlabamburg. If they want an explanation, you can say your personal relationships cause problems with your professional relationships and they could be happier with a different stylist who better understands their hair vision.”


Send A Professional Notice

Making a professional decision or career move can be a great way to explain to family that you can no longer provide services for them. Maddi Louis Duus on Facebook recommends sending a letter from you or your salon. Like any business, letters of notice are pretty common when changes happen or new policies are put into place—your business could be no different!


Maddi shares the letter she wrote as inspo to be tweaked it to your own needs if you have family that would respond best to a formal approach of cutting client ties. 


” Dear _________, after much consideration, I regret to inform you that I am no longer available to look after your hairdressing needs. As a professional, I strive to to achieve the best result for each and every client. The past few appointments, I feel as though I have not met such standards for you. As a courtesy, I have canceled your next appointment. *Add reference if possible*. Regards, _______.”