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Last updated: August 13, 2020

Watch: Hand-Tied Weft Extension Application

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Photo via Babe Hair Extensions

Watch This: Hand-Tied Weft Extension Tutorial For A Flawless Application

Interested in hand-tied wefts, but think they’re more complex than tape-in extensions? Babe Hair Extensions Director of Education Kari Fuller (@karifuller) broke down how easy the installation process is, with clients able to go up to 8 weeks between services. Keep scrolling to get four easy tips for a flawless installation and check out the full video below!


Four Key Takeaways

Section Size

How should you section the hair for bead installation? A small v-shaped section should be two times the width and one times the length of your silicone bead. A good rule of thumb to remember is that in a row, the beads should touch the sides of your fingers when placed between them.


So what happens if the section size is too large? If the space is too big, the weft is going to be left unprotected which leads to unwanted drooping. Then the client can easily damage it by snagging it with their brush or fingers.


Photo via Babe Hair Extensions


Silicone Beads Are Best

There are a variety of different beads you can choose from, but Kari recommends that you use silicone beads during the installation process because they are stronger. When it’s time for the client to come back for maintenance every six to eight weeks, the silicone bead will support the weight of the extension wefts between visits.


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Beads Should Be Applied Off Base

When applying the silicone bead using The Deluxe Hair Extension Tool, make sure it’s installed off base from the roots. This placement puts less pressure on the client’s hair. 


A big mistake stylists make when using The Deluxe Hair Extension Tool is elevating the hair and then closing the bead. This puts extra tension on the hair and doesn’t allow the extensions to come to a natural fall. Always close the bead nice and flat to the head.


Photo via Babe Hair Extensions


Secure The Weft

How do you secure the weft extensions to the bead? When sewing the weft to the base of the bead, pull the needle straight down on the side of the bead and not at an angle to avoid splitting the extension and getting any random hairs caught in the knot.


After the needle is pulled through it will form a loop. Pull the needle though the loop going down and tighten it by pulling straight up so the thread lays on the top part weft and not across the front of the hair.


Then go back through the same section going straight down on the other side of the bead. Once you get the loop, instead of going down pull the needle up into the loop and continue pulling the needle straight up to close the loop to secure the entire section.


Photo via Babe Hair Extensions


Watch The Video How-To Below!



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