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Last updated: July 31, 2017

The Price is Right: Multi-Tonal Makeover

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By Christen Grumstrup

We all know extreme colors are in, but what your client might not know is how long these shades take to achieve, and how much hard work goes in to making each color design absolutely perfect. Trendy shouldn’t come cheap—if you’re spending six or seven hours to create that color masterpiece, your price should reflect the time you put in.


So BTC went to #ONESHOT of the Year Winner Guy Tang and broke down one of our personal favs—the Multi-Tonal Makeover. Everything from the consultation, the booking, the process and the price—we got it all. Because when you’re spending hours on one client, nothing is more important than getting the process and the price just right!

PRICE | Wouldn’t you like to know!


“A thorough consultation is very important, especially if a client wants a drastic change. I always tell them that they have to do this for themselves and not because they just broke up with somebody or because they want to make their current boyfriend/girlfriend jealous. They have to be confident and steadfast with their decision for a drastic color change. I ask them what their hair goals are and have them show me inspirational pictures. I give them a breakdown of the steps that we have to undertake, hours to be committed and, of course, the cost. I always give them the truth about whether or not we can achieve the look or color without sacrificing the integrity of the hair. Health of the hair is the most important thing to me and should be a shared goal—keep it real all the time and no sugar coating.”


“I am a firm believer of quality over quantity. I knew this look would require a long session, so I booked out the whole day. Some stylists ask their clients to come over a span of days or weeks to achieve their hair goals, but I like to do it in one session. My clients and I get the instant gratification of a transformation.”


“When she came in she told me that she was tired of her current natural ombré color and wanted something that would attract attention. I gave her options and she gave me the liberty to do whatever I thought best (we love those clients!). We decided to do ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ theme so I came up with violet, blue and silver. This was a color correction and I needed a clean palette. I lifted to a level 9 and evened out the tone, then I applied PRAVANA VIVIDS Violet, VIVIDS Blue and VIVIDS Silver.”