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Last updated: October 18, 2017

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

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Men’s color is stealing the spotlight this season


At one time, when male celebrities colored their hair, it was a really big deal. Not so much anymore, as more and more guys experiment with hues that range from subtle highlights to brights to platinum white. “It’s becoming more socially acceptable—even cool—for men to color their hair,” says Lee Rittiner, a celebrity stylist at Alen-M Salon in Los Angeles. “And because they cut their hair so frequently, they can change their color just as quickly.”


Haircolor is also great for fashion-forward men who want to express themselves! “Guys don’t have accessories like women,” notes Jason Schneidman, a celebrity stylist at Chris McMillan the Salon in LA. “We have our hair and we may have a pair of boots and a belt. So any opportunity we have to spread our peacock feathers is cool.”


Thanks to celebs like Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik and G-Eazy, no color is off limits. Here are four shades that are stealing the spotlight this season.


Ashy platinum hues are being embraced by high-profile guys. “You
can thank Bieber for that,” says Jess Brown, a celeb colorist at Chris
McMillan the Salon. (Left, Justin Bieber. Right, Model Lucky Blue.)


Zayn Malik’s working his way around the color wheel—during the past two years he’s been ash blonde, pink, silver and neon green.


In the spirit of the Joker, Rapper G-Eazy went neon green.
Hair by PRAVANA Guest Artist Jessica Gonzalez.


When his haircolor matches his tattoo. #GOALS.
Hair by the Farouk Systems Artistic Team.


How to Talk to Him About Color…
You know he’d look amazing with a pop of color, some highlights or even a total haircolor overhaul. But he may not be on board just yet. If he needs convincing, here are a few suggestions from Jason and Lee.


1. “After giving him a great cut,” shares Lee, “I’ll say something like, ‘Don’t you love how in the summer you get those natural highlights from being outside all the time? We could do that all year long, and it would make your haircut look even better.’”


2. “When a client sits in my chair I feel him out,” says Jason. “If I think he’s ready for a change, I’ll pitch it. And usually, I’ll defer to a good-looking girl in the salon. I’ll be like, ‘Right? Don’t you think this would look amazing?’ That’s how we plant the seed.”


3. “I used to get highlights because it made my hair grittier and easier to work with,” says Lee. “That’s also a good sales pitch. Tell him it will make his hair more manageable and easier to style.”