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Last updated: February 17, 2022

Cheat A Perm Rod Wet Set With This Technique

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The Twist & Curl: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Love the results of a classic perm rod curl set, but want to cut the application time in half? Hairstylist Shalleen-Kaye Jones, a.k.a. @stylequeenbeauty to her over 100K followers on Instagram, has you covered with her signature “Style Queen Twist and Curl” technique. Scroll down for her tips to achieving the perfect spirals on any client!


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What Is The Twist And Curl Method?

The “Style Queen Twist and Curl” is a quick cheat for a full perm rod wet set style. “A perm rod set takes twice the time and twice the perm rods, so the Twist and Curl still allows for a wet-set [style] with half the drying time,” explains Shalleen-Kaye. This technique can be applied on relaxed strands and natural texture, plus it’s easily customizable to fit different hair lengths and densities.


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1. Sectioning Patterns Vary Per Client

Shalleen-Kaye always consults with her clients before the appointment to see what look they’re trying to achieve. This informs how she’ll section and part the hair, because every client is different. “The parting chosen depends on quite a few factors—client preference, shape of the head, texture, density and length of the hair,” she says.


2. Choosing A Twist Technique Depends On Desired Outcome

Depending on what your client prefers, you can use a two-strand twist, a flat twist or a combination of both when styling. “I usually ask if they would prefer a flat twist-out or individual twist-out based on their desired outcome for volume versus definition,” says Shalleen-Kaye.



3. Twist Direction Matters, Here’s Why

The direction you twist depends on the results you’re looking for. “I twist counterclockwise and clockwise and I use various wrapping techniques, which definitely allows for versatility in results,” she remarks. “Alternating the direction of the twists and wrapping techniques allows for variations in the style—the size of the curls and how the style frames the face, the desired volume and desired longevity.”


4. Use Styling Foam For Long-Lasting Results

The key to achieving long-lasting results is in the product. Shalleen-Kaye uses Inflúance Hair Care Styling Foam when styling the Twist and Curl.  “Styling foam is a lightweight alternative to gel, cream and butter,” she shares. “It gives amazing hold and volume without causing frizz. The product absorbs into the hair very quickly and leaves a visible shine.”


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5. How To Achieve A Flawless Takedown

“Honestly, I always say, ‘You get it, how you set it!.’ Being intentional with each twist and turn when installing the style will ensure a flawless takedown. Haphazard installation will give you haphazard results.” says Shalleen-Kaye. To get flawless, frizz-free, bouncy spirals that your clients will love she recommends that you:

  • Make sure the hair is completely dry before take down. 


  • Apply a lightweight serum, like the Inflúance Hair Care S3 Serum, to your fingers and palms before you start taking down the hair.


  • Always untwist going in the opposite direction you twisted the hair in.


The Finished Look Is Gorgeous!

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Attempting This For The First Time?

Want to try this on your own clients? Keep this in mind. “If you can do a twist and a rod set, then you can do a Twist and Curl,” says Shalleen-Kaye. “The mannequin is your best friend. So start there if you want to practice before offering this as a service.”


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