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Last updated: September 15, 2017

Braided Crown How-To

PLUS! A New Extension Warranty You Can't Miss!

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Choosing to invest in the perfect tape-in extension brand takes consideration, but here’s one thing that’s obvious—adding extensions to your service menu is a definite win. Why? Here are four quick reasons, plus a bonus crown braid that looks amazing amped up with extensions.

  • Extensions can give clients an entirely new look—they can add length, volume and color.
  • Upstyles are made way easier with a little extra hair to work with. 
  • Certification in the service can boost business profits—from attracting brand-new clients to upping ticket prices for existing guests.
  • Hairtalk® (@hairtalkusa) now offers a new hassle-free warranty option that applies to all hair extensions—which means stylists can buy and apply with confidence.



Need a little more convincing? Here’s a braided crown how-to using the Hairtalk® tape-ins (you need to try it on your clients immediately!), plus ALL the details on their exciting new warranty. 


Braided Crown How-To


Get The Look

  1. Place 12 hairtalk® USA tape-in extensions throughout the head to add color and to fill out any thin areas in the hair. (@tuckerjstyle used Hot Pink extensions from the Fantasy Collection and 613 Soft Peach extensions from the @hairtalkusa Colormelt line.)
  2. Separate the hair into two sections (left and right), keeping one side a little bit bigger than the other.
  3. Braid the smaller section first using a regular 3-strand technique, and pancake it out. Then, bring the braid up and around, pinning it at the crown of the head.
  4. Next, braid the last remaining section (in the same way), pancake it out and connect it to the other braid at the top of the head.
  5. Pin, pinch and pull the braid to create the desired end result.


Get The Warranty
First off, stylists should know that hairtalk® extensions come with a quality satisfaction rate of 99 percent, so it’s more than likely quality issues will never come up. But, hairtalk® also understands that extensions are an investment for clients, and that having a warranty on the product can sometimes offer peace of mind to both stylists and clients.


Thanks to their new hassle-free warranty, if a quality issue does come up, stylists will be able to return and receive new hair, or a prorated amount to apply toward new hair. Watch the video below for more info. 



Get The Details
The best part about this warranty is that it’s straightforward and was created with two goals in mind: to support stylists behind the chair and to ensure that all clients get six months of perfect hair. And if you want a few more details on how it all works, we got those too: 

  • All defective claims sent in through the warranty will undergo inspection, and regardless of the result, a prorated refund will be issued to the stylist.
  • If hairtalk® finds that the hair is not truly defective, they will provide the stylist with the solution to prevent the issue in the future.

Ultimately, hairtalk® wants to properly educate stylists when issues come up, while still being able to support them and their client on the spot. For more info, visit