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Last updated: July 24, 2017

8 Steps to Achieving Salon Success

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If you’ve ever dreamed about owning your own salon, but weren’t sure where to start., here’s a foolproof guide to getting started. First, consider the idea of owning a space at a salon studio like Sola. That way the responsibility of building management and upkeep falls on the facilities manager, and not on you, leaving you with more time to design your space to look and feel like you. Follow these 8 simple steps to turn your dream of salon ownership into a reality.  



1. Assess the Situation. Opening your own salon business in a studio setting doesn’t require major start-up costs, but you will need confidence and a loyal following as well as a bit of business savvy. in order to make it work. Consider your clientele, is it well established and are they likely to follow you? Are you ready to wear a lot of hats, to become the receptionist, bookkeeper, decorator and stylist all in one? If you confidently answered yes to any of these questions, you might be ready to make the move! 




2. Contact Your Local Sola. Really, it’s that simple. Visit www.solasalons.com to learn about the Sola Salon Studios locations in your area. With more than 225 locations nationwide, Sola is proud to offer locations in most major U.S. cities. Call or email the local leasing manager to get all the details about pricing, location, amenities and more. They might even be able to connect you with a stylist in that location who can provide insider information! Then simply schedule a tour and get ready to pick out your new digs. 




3. Think About Your Systems. When you go out on your own, there are additional responsibilities that fall in your lap, from managing your appointment book to understanding your numbers. Consider the resources available to help you keep track of the details. With online booking, you can allow your clients to book appointments 24/7. Track your ongoing income and expenses to understand when and where your business comes from. Create systems that will help you manage and grow your salon business efficiently. 



4. Choose Your Retail Line. When you’re the boss, you decide what fills the back bar and the shelves. When you’re picking products, look for benefits associated with certain lines. Develop a relationship with your local sales rep; they will keep you informed about specials and new product intros, not to mention the education they can provide. Once you’ve chosen your line, Sola helps stock the shelves by offering a $400 dollar retail credit, that’s a value of $800 on your shelves, and who couldn’t use a little extra money when going it alone?



5. Make Things Official. Before opening your salon, you’ll have to obtain salon and sales tax licenses, and file your trade name registration. This might sound scary, but Sola’s comprehensive start-up manual makes the process easy by providing the necessary forms and information as well as tips for getting your business off the ground. Once the legal stuff’s done, you’ll have to make a few more decisions about the services you’ll offer, your hours and pricing. But hey, that’s the fun part!



6. Create Your Culture. For many stylists, the most exciting thing about salon ownership is creating an environment that reflects their personality. You want your space to look and feel like you. And it starts with choosing a salon name and decorating. Paint colors, for instance, help to establish a mood—and Sola will put your choice of color on the walls at no additional cost. It also includes working your interests in as well. If you love eclectic jewelry, find a local artist and retail a few of their pieces in your suite. Your clients will appreciate the personal touch and its a great way to sell additional retail outside of products. When you’re ready for finishing accents, hang your artwork and set up speakers to play the music of your choice.



7. Market to the Masses. In today’s fast-paced world, tapping into marketing and social media is essential to the health of your salon business. Sola provides a basic platform for stylists to set up a Web page where clients can learn more about your salon, view pictures and access contact information, including a link to your own website, online booking page or social media pages. Consider using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all of which can be used to drive repeat and new business. Or you can create a Yelp page to market your salon, inviting clients to leave reviews.



8. Open for Business. From the moment you step foot through your door, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom to live the life you love. Consider providing a welcome gift to your clients, such as a travel kit or samples tied up with a ribbon, as recognition of their support and loyalty—to thank them for following you and being a part of your new business endeavor. They will love celebrating and being a part of your success.