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Last updated: July 19, 2017

4 Easy Steps to Salon Success

Celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin of Jonathan & George Salon in Beverly Hills, CA has 4 easy steps you can take to build a truly successful salon—and keep it up!

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It is many hairdressers’ dream to someday open up their own salon, set their own menu prices and staff their team how they see fit. And although the dream might seem like the hardest part, that part comes later. Once the dream comes true and your salon is up and running, the hard work comes in maintaining it, building your clientele and expanding your services. Celebrity stylist Jonathan Antin of Jonathan & George Salon in Beverly Hills, CA has been in this exact position before. You’re scared because you’re charting unknown territory, and you’re worried if you’re up for the challenges that come with being a salon owner. Fear no more! With these 4 easy steps from Jonathan, you’ll be able to have a successful salon—and keep it up!

1. It Starts When You Walk in the Door
At Jonathan’s salon, they have three receptionists. One to greet clients, one to offer clients a robe and a drink and one to guide the clients to the stylists’ chair. Although you might not need three, it is important that your receptionists make clients feel like royalty from the moment they walk in the door. A welcoming smile, a warm greeting and an accommodating spirit go a long way! 

2. Staff Your Team With the Best
When finding the best stylists for your team, Jonathan has one simple piece of advice—watch them in action! Observe every aspect of their work from beginning, middle and end. As Jonathan says, “When your stylist can do hair as well as, or better than you can, they’re ready for a chair in your salon!”

3. Expand Your Toolbox
Give your stylists the logistics they need with ease so they can stay focused on the final prize—the hair! With MINDBODY Salon Software, each stylist can see their own schedule—as well as everyone else’s—on their phone, allowing them to conveniently book appointments and receive payments from behind the chair.

4. The Right Technology
Technology you can count on is the most important part of your business. MINDBODY offers a functional and reliable software that can let you do everything from scheduling to payroll to point of sale. Best of all? Whether you use an old school computer or the latest tablet, you can access your salon’s information from anywhere—even on your Smartphone!