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Last updated: July 19, 2017

6 Tips to Keep Your Salon Equipment Happy and Healthy

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 By Sheila Crowder, Justin Joyner, & Jeff Holmes, Regional Sales Managers at Takara Belmont USA

It’s all about the details – the refreshing little elements that invoke an inviting feeling or look of cohesiveness in a space. From small habits that make a client feel more comfortable to new routines that can increase the lifespan of your equipment, the pros at Takara Belmont have 6 quick tips to keep your salon happy and healthy.

1. Pump it up –
the first 2-4 inches of a hydraulic base will most likely see the highest traffic, but let’s not forget about the rest of the base. Raise and lower the base at least a few times per week to lubricate the seals. Manual pumps can be tiring, but you can always opt for smoother operation and seemingly effortless motorized bases.

2. Keep it low –
after hundreds or thousands of clients that enter or exit your styling chair, it can add up to a lot of stress for your salon equipment. Lighten the strain by lowering the styling chair after each service. This simple technique reduces pressure from an elevated base when clients enter or exit your creative space.

3. Quick Clean-ups –
accidents happen – color spills, dye may transfer from blue jeans and coffee escapes from time to time – but it’s important to wipe the stain immediately and follow cleaning & care instructions included with your product. In a pinch, you can always use a Mr. Clean magic eraser for quick fix on light colored upholstery. We recommend test applications to the bottom the chair beforehand and also a thorough cleaning to follow-up as soon as possible.

4. Check for traps –
or rather, check the traps in your shampoo service areas. If hair is left in the traps, they can fill up, clog your pipes and result in delays or worse. Make sure key items like spray hoses for shampoo equipment are replaced and serviced regularly to prevent any leaks or unwanted service delays.

5. Lock the base –
it’s not exactly a health tip, but it’s definitely worth a few extra seconds to direct all of the chairs in a standard direction and lock the base between services. This allows clients to be seated without the hassle of a rotating chair. You can also include the base locking routine at the end of the day for a clean, streamlined and finished look to your salon – your next client may be an afterhours passer-byer!

6. Check-ups –
routine maintenance of your salon equipment is a must have for your checklist. Loose nuts, bolts, screws, and hoses are a few of the items that can be quickly adjusted to increase the longevity of your product – and more importantly, prevent an unwelcome service delay.