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Last updated: July 19, 2017

4 Design Tips: Small Space, BIG Style

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The pros at Takara Belmont know a thing or two about creating beautiful—and functional—salons. So even if you your space is limited, there’s still a lot of room for style! Here, Lauren Hrusovsky, Takara Belmont USA Designer, shares four great tips for helping your small salon make a BIG impact.

1. Don’t forget about storage design.
Clutter can make a space feel small. It’s important to have enough storage so that everything has a home – and for your staff to keep the space clean, tidy, and oh-so chic. For smaller spaces, you may opt for smart storage solutions. Shelving designs directly under stairs provide an efficient use of space for additional retail products, salon accessories, or as a built-in area for personal items. Custom cabinetry by Takara Belmont can be tailored to accentuate vertical spaces and to draw the eye upwards for an open, spacious look and feel. – Lauren Hrusovsky, Takara Belmont USA Designer 


2. Create balance with size and scale. The proportion of your equipment and furniture in a space are some of the primary factors in space planning. Avoid visually overpowering or heavy furniture and equipment in smaller spaces. But, a small space does not necessarily mean all of your furniture must be small. Incorporating glass or mirrors reflects light to make a room feel spacious and it can add balance to larger pieces.


Keep it light. To make your space appear larger, stray away from darker colors. If your space uses a dark wood stain, then a lighter paint color selection for the walls brightens the space for an airy feeling. Added repeating finishes or furniture in a small space creates a cohesive design. But be careful – too many different colors or textures can make a space feel confusing and cluttered.


3. Maximize space with versatile furniture. Multi-functional and multi-purpose equipment and furniture is the key to smaller areas. A wall-mounted Roller Ball F Multi-Processor can open floor space and add value to your business. Wet booth stations with built-in sink and styling station combinations are a great space-saving solution. Added Takara Belmont all-purpose chairs provide the form, function and style you need for an all-in-one service area.


4. Combine natural light. Reflected natural or artificial light paired with reflective furniture and accessories can make a room feel larger. Incorporating interest pieces such as glass, mirrors and well-placed light fixtures gives an illusion of depth. You can also take advantage of the space beyond your windows with sheer window treatments. It’s a great solution for offering your clients privacy, while still allowing natural light into a space. Curtains are also an option to divide two spaces without putting up a wall.