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March 2, 2018

4 Tips For Creating Thicker-Looking Cuts

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One thing your thin-haired clients consistently crave? Thicker hair. And while you may not be able to magically mess with her genetics, you can give her a cut that creates the appearance of thicker-looking locks. Just ask Arizona-based stylist Shannel Mariano (@shannelmariano)! Check out her four tips for creating thicker-looking cuts below.



1. Keep Things One Length
Layers will only make thin hair look thinner, so don’t be afraid to suggest one-length cuts. They create maximum density since all the hair vertically falls to one point.



2. But Asymmetric Is OK, Too
What happens horizontally doesn’t really matter as long as it all falls to one point when taking a vertical section. So if she wants to don an asymmetrical bob, here’s what Shannel does:

  • If she rocks a deep side part, make the heavier side of the part longer.
  • Make the lighter side shorter so it appears more dense despite having less hair.


3. How To Handle Fringe
Shannel advises against cutting the fringe too thick because it’ll take hair away from the sides and make those sections look thinner.


4. Does She Wear Glasses?
Have her put them on before you refine the cut to make sure the haircut lays well with her everyday eyewear.



You can’t let her leave with wet hair, so check out how the right style can give the appearance of thicker-looking locks!

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