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Last updated: July 19, 2017

From Thinning Strands, To Thicker, Denser Hair

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Believe it or not, thinning hair is fairly common. It can happen to anyone for many different reasons, and can be hard for clients to discuss—but don’t let thinning hair intimidate you. PHYTO Paris has spent more than 50 years as a pioneer in the hair care industry looking to improve the health and beauty of hair through plants. And, it is because of their dedicated and innovative efforts that they have come up with a solution for clients dealing with thinning hair.

The Proof’s In The How-Tos
Get two complete cutting step-by-steps from PHYTO Paris Global Artistic Director Anthony Cristiano and learn how you can help your male and female clientele acheive thicker-looking hair. With the proper cutting techniques and right products (like PHYTO’s leave-in scalp and hair concentrate PHYTOLOGIST), creating stronger, thicker and denser-looking hair for men and women is more than possible.



is an exclusive new leave-in scalp and hair concentrate for both men and women that creates stronger, thicker and denser-looking hair. From the beginning, PHYTOLOGIST has been developed through the science of plants. Scientists found adipocytes (aka fat cells) in the hair play a major roll in hair density and growth, so PHYTO Paris found the three plants that work to stimulate those fat cells, creating hair that’s more dense and able to continuously grow.

  • Is a 99 percent botanical, drug-free formula.
  • Supports hair and scalp health to create an optimal environment for more beautiful, shinier, stronger, thicker and denser-looking hair.
  • Protects the follicle from external aggressors to help prolong the hair’s life cycle.
  • Encourages healthy hair growth.
  • It’s a lightweight, instantly-absorbed formula with an ultra-fresh fragrance.

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