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Last updated: May 17, 2019

#BTCQuickie: Cutting Asymmetric Layers

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There will always be those clients who love their side parts so deeply, you have to adjust your cutting techniques for them. So, when Arizona-based stylist Shannel Mariano (@shannelmariano) posted this quickie—a fast video that showcases a technique you didn’t learn in beauty school—breaking down how to cut asymmetrical layers, the BTC community was OBSESSED. Check out the full video and get the steps below!



Get The Steps

1. Create an off-center radial parting and separate the hair into four sections.


2. In the back, overdirect all the sections toward the parting.

  • The hair closest to the parting should be the shortest since it doesn’t have to travel.
  • The hair behind the right ear should be longer since it has to travel to the parting.
  • The hair behind the left ear should be the longest because it has to travel the farthest.



3. In the front, start on the longer side. Take a section by the parting, using a guide from the back and connecting it to the length in the front. Then, overdirect the next sections toward the first section you cut.



4. Repeat on the shorter side.


Watch The Video How-To Below


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