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Last updated: May 04, 2018

Three Tips For Taking Your Best Photos

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Ever scroll through your Instagram feed and ask yourself how some stylists are able to get their clients to look SO GOOD in their photos? Same. We caught up with @constancerobbins at the Matrix National Elevate Me Training and got a few pointers on turning your everyday client into a #model. The trick? It all has to do with positioning. Here are three ways to getting the greatest pic. 



How To Photograph From The Back
When shooting hair from the back, always ask your client to tilt her head slightly back—this will make her hair look longer and more dramatic.

Constance says having your clients pose with their hands in their hair will always make the hair stand out and make your client look super thin. But, you can’t post every client this way…you have to change it up!


How To Photograph From The Side
Have your client drop their shoulder, then adjust the hair so that it covers their entire shoulder. You can also have them put their hand slightly under their hair, as they would if they were going to do a hair flip. This works for clients with shorter hair, too.  

Constance says if your client has a bracelet or watch on, this is a good position because it adds another element of appeal to followers scrolling through hashtags.


How To Photograph From The Front
Never have your client look directly into the camera—instead, put your hand out in front of them, ask them to follow your finger, and then move your hand to the exact direction you want them facing. This gives you the ultimate control for where their head and hair ends up, plus, for a client, it’s pretty easy to understand.

Another thing to remember is that if your client is not comfortable showing their face on camera, you can still take a photo from the front while respecting their privacy. Just be sure to clear the pic with them before they leave.


BONUS! How To Photograph Clients On The Go
It’s important to remember all of these tips, but sometimes your client is in a hurry, which means you have to hurry with your photos! No big. We have the solution for still getting that perfect shot, and it’s a less expensive option if you’re not ready to fully invest in a ring light—it’s the
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