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Last updated: September 10, 2018

3 Tips That’ll Make Your Open Air Balayage That Much Better

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If you love the finish created by balayage’s sister technique but struggle to achieve those same results, don’t worry because Matrix artist Constance Robbins (@constancerobbins) is here to help. She spilled her top three open air balayage tips so keep reading to find out what she shared!



1. Elevation And Tension Are Everything

  • Higher elevation allows for painting closer to the scalp, while lower elevation makes it easier to paint down the strand.


  • Keep each section taut to ensure a flat surface for painting, and don’t drop the section until painting is complete on that piece.


2. Avoid A Death Grip
Hold the brush like you would a makeup brush—gentle and delicate. A death grip on the brush will make it much harder to blend out.


3. Don’t Take The Same Parallel Sections
One tip Constance learned from her good friend and balayage educator Dawn Bradley (@dawnbradleyhair)? Think of hair like a phone book:


  • If the pages are on top of each other, you can’t see what’s on them. But fanning them out will let you catch a glimpse.


  • The same goes for hair. Perfect, even sections will hide your dimension so don’t be afraid to have imperfect partings! It will make the highlights look more organic and they’ll show up better. 


Check out the process and finished look!


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